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Whirled away…

Well last Thursday I packed up and headed to the airport at the crack of before dawn to catch my 630 flight, which was delayed an hour (delta) but was mute like an hour until we got to the tarmac…

Arrived in Minneapolis 14 minutes late and missed my connection because Delta doesn’t believe in holding flights for transfers from their already late planes. That required me to stay 4 HOURS there until the next available flight. Should have been 3, but the plane was having issues so they sent another which also had issues so everything was delayed longer.   Awesome to have 3 planes all with mechanical issues right? All I heard from their employees was “I’m sorry” a thousand times but no resolution to the problem. So I took it to Twitter and complained to delta there. They looked into everything and after another apology, seemingly more genuine, issued new a $50 travel voucher. Which I doubt I’ll ever use. Anytime I fly anything but Southwest there’s issues, so I’ve learned my lesson.

So anyways, I got to Chicago 5 hours later than I should have. My cousin Dave had his own issues with Alaska air, being stuck in Seattle for 12 hours and his bag never being put on the plane with him to Chicago. While he was waiting for me, he was smart enough to go buy replacement clothes.

We were supposed to attend the viewing service that day, but they closed at 6 pm and with the time difference from Chicago to Indiana there was no way to make it.

During the drive we called my other cousin (Dave’s brother) Mike, he lives in Australia and I haven’t heard from him in at least 15 years I’d say so that was nice.

Eventually we got to our hotel around ten, he went to pick up some toiletries for himself and I crashed in my bed.

The next morning we met up with my cousins husband, Ed, her bff Barbie, and I finally got to meet her boys, oh were they sweethearts and looked just like her and full of personality.

Here’s Mason, he’s ten..


And Miles, he’s 7..


I won’t lie, when I first saw Miles I started crying, because he looks exactly like his mom. While they all got ready we caught up with Barbie and chatted for a few. Of course I made friends with the dogs.



And Boo


We made our way to the funeral home and kinda hung outside for a few getting our bearings together to go inside. I figured it would be a good time to get a pic of the boys..


A lot of people showed up, it was really comforting to know she had a good support system there and a lot of people who cared about her. A few people including Dave got up to speak, it was a lot to take in. Mainly because there was an open casket and we weren’t really prepared for that. She didn’t look like herself. She was so skinny, so frail, she really looked like our grandmother.

Ed and Chrissy


The program was really nice too





Afterwards we joined up at Ed’s mothers house for food and comfort. Talked to a lot of their family and friends and got to interact with the boys some more.



After a while there everyone dispersed and we were the last to leave. I made sure to give both Ed and the boys my name, address and phone number so if they need anything they can always call me. We both told them any time they want to come visit me in CO or Dave in Alaska that they’re welcome to.

After that Dave and I went back to the hotel and just reminisced about our lives, our crazy family, and our future. Then we met up with Barbie for dinner at a Mongolian restaurant. Of all places we could have chosen to go eat, our waitress was Ed’s sister in law. We thought Chrissy had something to do with that… We sat there for a few hours, closed down the restaurant just talking and sharing pictures. We all exchanged numbers and Facebook info.

The next morning we had our hotel breakfast and got back on the road to Chicago. We talked to Mikey again for a while filling him in on everything. We drove by Perdue to see that side of the city which was really nice and historical looking.

Once we got to Chicago I had him drop me off at the fashion outlets area to meet up with my long time internet friend Molly and her baby Jenna! We figured we’ve probably been talking for about ten years, since LJ days! So we had some yummy Mexican food and chatted for a while before they took me back to the airport.




Thankfully I had an uneventful, smooth, on time flight back home even after stopping in Atlanta. Their airport is kinda confusing though for connections but I made it.

Once I got to my car I hauled ass to get the dogs from the sitter since she was staying up late for me to get there. I had to stop at Wal-Mart on the way home to pick up a button down shirt for work since it was the only place open, so we finally got home around 1230 and got in bed asap. After being in like 4 different time zones plus DST today my body was so confused. Of course I woke up a lil late for work, but it was fine.

So overall it was a whirlwind trip and weekend, but I’m really really glad we went. It was the right thing to do for us and we knew it.

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Life’s a Changing

Well the good news is, last week I got hired as a vet tech! At a real clinic with doctors and patients and everything!

I applied Monday, interviewed Tuesday, and was offered the job before I left! That night was my last at ulta, and I started Wednesday & Thursday at the clinic! They’re understanding about me having the Purina job thru the end of March, but in April that may change.

Today I did rooms all by myself, i.e. checking in patients getting history’s, filling meds etc.

The bad news is, my cousin passed away last week after over a years long fight with breast cancer that spread to her liver, lungs, and brain. So my other cousin Dave and I are flying out to Indiana this week. Him Wednesday, and me Thursday. He’s gonna pick me up in Chicago so we can drive down to Indiana together. Services are Friday and something, I’m not sure is going on Thursday. We’ll both be leaving Saturday so it’s not a very long stay but we’re doing what we can to be present for our side of the family. I’m looking forward to meeting her two boys and making a connection with them.

Again the new job is understanding, and cool with me taking these two days off. I’m having to drop my Saturday store as well, and hopefully the weather cooperates so I can make my shifts on Sunday.

I found a dog sitter for the girls, out of a families home so they should be comfy there. The cats are self sufficient and I’ll probably have someone come check on the rats.

I’ve got a shit ton of stuff to do before leaving, but after working 10 hour days I’m kinda pooped. I’ve gotta do laundry, pack, and try to clean up around here.

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Reblog: Chronicles Of A Girl With Chronic Bitch Face

This is SO me all day everyday.

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Productive Tuesday

Last night I made a list of things to do today, and by golly I actually followed through!

First I called and scheduled an appointment for Thursday to get my cracked windshield replaced. $177

Then I went to JCP to drop off my bracelet for repair. I’ve been needing to do it but wanted to wait till after the Xmas/vday rush. While I was there, browsing, I find a ring on clearance that matched my bracelet,
marked down to $60!


The older man helping me took forever to do things, and I totally spaced using the $10 gift card I won took after we completed the transaction..  so I just went downstairs and used it on some underwear instead lol.

After that, I swung by a gym, Fitness 19, to check them out and see their prices… it’s small, close to the house, and cheap-ish. So I signed up, and even got 12 personal training sessions too. Might as well get on it because the cruise is just a few months away! So I’m waiting for the trainer to call and make our first appointment. My boss at ulta goes there, so maybe we can go together!

Once I got home I decided to clean out the car, it was getting bad! So I got all the crap out of it, wiped it all down and armor-all’d the leather. I need to find that stuff to seal holes in the leather.  Damn dogs getting where they shouldn’t be has made some scratches. And I should really stop eating in the car, lots of little crumbs everywhere lol. Oh and Abbie supervised while Ellie rolled in the grass and found who knows what to eat off the ground.


I’ve got a few hours till I have to go to work, so I think I’ll get the vday designs off my nails and paint something pretty on them…

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It’s Official!

So this came in the mail yesterday



Now I’ve just gotta pass the VTNE!

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Rat Watch 2014

Saw this cute lil girl Sunday at petco. An employee’s previous roommate had relinquished her… said she’s probably about a year old.. she was very very sweet and the fact that she was female really sold her..she would fit right in!


Sooooo she came home with me! Nearly chewed out of the box I had her in for the car ride lol. There were no problems introducing her to the current ratties, after a lil while her and Mooshe tussled but nothing serious.


So it was nice to wake up and see this today…



Btw her name is Panya (rat in Swahili) to go with Mooshe (Persian) and Zurka (Latvian).

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My Review of Plus Size Black Rivet Stand Collar Faux-Leather Scuba w/ Knit Inset

Originally submitted at Wilsons Leather

A figure-flattering scuba jacket from Black Rivet. Designed with soft faux leather, it has minimal details that make a big impact like angled hand pockets, exposed front zipper and snap collar. Inside sleeve insets also add dimension to the smooth finish of the jacket. Style it open with a flowing …

loving it!

By careabearasara from Denver, co on 2/2/2014


5out of 5

Pros: Comfy, Form Fitting Comfy Pret, Form fitting

Best Uses: Light casual wear

Was this a gift?: No

Fits great! Awesome color. Don’t expect to wear layers with it, will be too bulky. Great for spring early summer and fall wear





Yeah that’s Ellie being pitiful.. two days ago when I woke up she was pacing the house, panting, drooling, jumping on/off the bed constantly being 10x as annoying as usual.

She had taken some empty cans of cat food and who knows what else out of the garbage can from the night before… and as much as I’ve seen in clinic with dogs eating foreign bodies.. I didn’t want to risk anything…

I took her outside about 5 times in an hour all she did was poop twice, roll in the snow and sniff stuff.

After a while longer I couldn’t stand it anymore and called the vet. They said I could bring her right over before the Dr went to lunch, just in case.

She did her exam, her abdomen wasn’t sensitive or painful, no fever, didn’t act like she had been at home of course. So they gave her a bleb of fluids, and an anti nausea shot just in case, (she is usually vomiting/diarrhea when she doesn’t feel good) and sent us home with some antacids… $100 later

After about an hour at home I laid down hoping she would too and she did. She’s been fine ever since, so maybe we prevented a huge blowout or she just got over it.. who knows…

But,  I did go to bed bath and beyond to pick up a dog proof trash can ($38), maybe 8 years is too late for that lol but it’ll prevent any more hundreds of dollars in vet bills…hopefully.

She’s not gonna be happy!


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This dog lol

Took the girls to the park today and met up with Lisa and her kiddos

The dogs were interested in the water fowl… a Lil too interested…

Hopefully wp shows this as a video… if not go to my Instagram and watch it’ll hear my screams lol.

dogs + ducks

Aside from that it was a decent walk with them, fighting their gentle leaders, Ellie doesn’t like it because it takes the power away from her. I have to tell her “YOU’RE NOT THE BOSS OF US!!!”

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To do list…

Things I want to get done this week:
1. Take the dogs on a nice long walk at the park across the street
2. Finish cleaning the kitchen, it’s at about 80% right now
3. Get the coffee table cleaned off, i.e. put all my nail polish away…
4. Clean up the bathroom, purge items
5. Get all the Crap off the couch so I can stretch out on it
6. Unfuck the inside of the car
7. Make phone calls that are a pain in the neck
8. Cross fingers that the vet hospital calls with a job offer
9. Clean off desk and possibly rearrange it, again.
10. Vacuum vacuum vacuum

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