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Tasty Tasty Campbell’s

A while back I was sent a big box of Campbell’s goodies from crowdtap with lots of new items to try out!

Here’s some of what I tried:

Portobello mushroom soup, I added garlic, pesto, artichoke hearts and eventually pasta

Everyone loves spaghettios!

Pasta, creamy parmesan chicken, French cut green beans.

This ended up being a loaded potato soup! Deeeeelish!

Thank you Campbell’s for letting me try some new recipes, I’ll definitely be buying these items again!

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2014 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 2,100 times in 2014. If it were a cable car, it would take about 35 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

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Putting things back together

Hey all how’s it going? Things are moving right along here.


My car was outta commission for a few weeks, but she’s back in one piece now. Just need to replace the ignition coil and hopefully that’ll fix the rough idle. Just have to come up with money to get the paint done and buy some new tires before winter hits.


A few weeks ago I went home to NV for my bff Jenny’s wedding, just a quick weekend trip saw family and a few friends and that was it.

Works been, well work. Working in a sea of estrogen gets old after a while. I like our clinic but I won’t lie, I’ve been looking at other job postings.

I’ve had reoccurring tooth pain over the last few weeks and an abscessed tooth finally came to fruition. I knew my tooth had abscessed based on the amount of pain I was in when I woke up this morning. It’s rare for me to cry over anything aside from a sad puppy story, but I was bawling today and Justin did all he could to comfort me. Thankfully my dentist has Emergency appts, One root canal later I’m still sore but overall feeling better.

Hopefully my liver doesn’t hate me, the amount of excedrin, vicoden, morphine, dilauded, and nitrous I’ve had in me in the last 48 hours is insane. Had to have my dad drive me to the dentist and back, made him stop and get a milkshake on our way home lol.

Since I couldn’t find a heating pad anywhere in my house I had to improvise. Remembered I had these aromatherapy slippers my grandma gave me, so I pulled the warming bag out of it to use on my jaw. Mucho better now, hopefully I can sleep tonight.

Dogs are good, rats are good, cats are good, sassy is still a fatty, trying a different rx weight loss food for her again..

I don’t think much else is really going on to report, really it’s cuz we’re too broke to actually do anything lol.  I’m gonna take my painful mouth to bed now.

And this, just cuz!


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I hurt her feelings today






Was totally my bad. I wasn’t texting or talking, was reaching for my gate key card and I dunno what happened, looked up, swerved, and instead of hitting the trailer head on, just took out the right side of my car… I think the fluid leaking is washer fluid, not coolant. The radiator looks intact.

My mom’s pissed, and I don’t have collision coverage just liability. Hoping the frame isn’t damaged to the point of totaling it. Justin says he has friends who can try to help repair it, and Tyler says he’ll come look at it this weekend.

It’s probably drivable in some capacity, but I have a 20+ mile commute to work everyday, I don’t really want to risk it. So my mom’s sending money to get a rental car tomorrow.

So I’m missing out on work today and that sucks, I’ve got a headache from stress and my tooth that’s bothering me, which I have a dentist’s appt for tomorrow. Luckily Jess is gonna drop me off at the rental place in the morning so I don’t have to bus it.

I’m ready for a nap.

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Skintimate-ly Smooth!

Last week I received a nifty package in the mail from Crowdtap, and as always it was filled with awesomeness!

This time it was Skintimate’s new Mandarin Burst Moisturizing Shave Gel!

It actually came at the perfect time because I had just run out a few days before and was using conditioner to shave with, which just ISN’T the same.

The description is right on though the scent DOES remind me of a tropical vacation, much like the Bermuda trip i took this summer! Mandarin, lemon, and lime woke up my senses in the shower and also moisturized my legs, I didnt even need to apply any lotion or body oil after my shave!

Here’s my #SkintimateHappyLegs !


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It’s that time again!



The annual Wag’nTrail hike and fundraiser is just 15 days away!! 


If you can, donate to our team page and help those homeless puppies and kitties!! 


Skip your latte or candy bar and donate that $5, it’ll go a lot further, I Promise! 



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Hey hey heeeey!

Lookit me posting again so soon!!

So there’s been a few things going on in the last week or so..

I took, and PASSED my VTNE (national boards) which means i’ll now be a CERTIFIED VET TECH!!

Awesome sauce! i was really nervous and didnt study as much as I should have, but all i know is i passed. In a few weeks i’ll get the detailed results of the test. 

In the meantime, it means I’ve gotten a $1 raise at work! Next week i’ll be training in Surgery so the Dr feels comfortable with me doing all that. Probably after that i’ll be moving to the 1pm-9pm time slot. Which is ok, just cuts into my social life ya know? Sometimes i’m asleep by 9pm too LOL

Then a few days ago, I got a call from my dad that my grandma, his mom, had passed away. She was 93 and it was finally her time. She’d been hanging on for years with Alzheimer’s/demensia, and the after effects of shingles. 

Last night, I went with my previous boss Annette from Ulta and saw Bruno Mars in concert!! It was his last stop on the Moonshine Jungle tour and it was aaaaaamazing! We had 6th row seats so that was pretty damn cool in itself!! He put on a great show and I highly recommend it if you get the chance on his next tour! 

Lets see if this playlist will embed….

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Wow I’m behind!

I’ve been thinking about posting, I swear! I’ve got no follow through these days I guess!

So let’s see…
There was New York



Then the NKOTB Cruise…



And of course Boston…



Those were all a blast! I absolutely fell in love with Boston and I can’t wait to go back!

Soon after was my birthday and some fun nights out…




And he told me he loved me, on my birthday (=

A few days later we went to Las Vegas for more NKOTB! And our first vacation together (we survived it!)







So now I’m back to reality, working just one job these days, still broke. Dad’s still living here driving me crazy but that’s a whole ‘nother post for another day.

Other wise all is well in my world!

Here’s a cute pic of Abbie (=



BBQ’d Goodness!!!

This past weekend I was lucky enough to host a McCormicks flavorfull BBQ at my place!

I was sent the following flavors to use, share, and enjoy and boy did we ever!

For Steakhouse Burgers –
Classic Burger
Smoky Applewood
Worcestershire Pub
Steakhouse Mushroom

We used these on the Ribs and Chicken:
Memphis Pit BBQ Rub
Tennessee Smokehouse BBQ Rub
Smokin’ Sweet Tea Marinade
Chipotle & Roasted Garlic,

And of course for the steaks:
Montreal Steak Sauce & seasoning

We also grilled up some corn on the cob, had macaroni salad, chips, salsa & guac, mac & cheese, and cheesecake stuffed strawberries! I made up some strawberry lemonade sangria, as well as tropical fruit sangria which were both hits on this hot day!

Justin and Tyler were grubbing on the ribs!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

My dad grilled everything up for us and we all chowed down!
The dog’s had a blast playing with everyone and stealing snacks that were dropped on the ground LoL.

Overall it was a great day with great friends, we all went home happy, full and ready for a nap!!

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T Minus 9 days!!

woah 3 updates in 1 week?!

LoL.. so in 9 days, i’ll be headed to New York CITY!!! This years NKOTB cruise is leaving from there and heading to Bermuda!!

I’m so excited!! It’s been ridiculous trying to get prepared for this trip because I’ve been so busy with LIFE in general!

Luckily Brenda (my cruise roomie/canadian friend) has been helping out a lot.

I’m getting there the 3rd, staying at a hotel in New Jersey with a different previous cruise roomie, then boarding the boat on the 5th till the 9th! That day we’re spending the night in New York, then renting a car and driving up to BOSTON!!!!!!! for 3 1/2 days!

Soooooo excited, I’ve never been to any of these places before but I’m stoked to finally go!!

I’m definitely in need of this vacation no doubt about that! Tomorrow will be day 6 of 9 w/o a day off from both jobs, so Saturday i plan on sleeping in with my guy, and maybe taking the dogs to do something fun.

Tomorrow night I’m meeting up with my friend Natalie to make my masquerade mask for the ship, I’ve gotta still find time to pack, find my camera, chargers, and batteries! eeek! Oh and I still gotta find something to wear that signifies denver/colorado for one of the theme nights… so much to do!!

I was giving Justin a hard time about how much he’ll miss me while i’m gone, who will pick on him and give him shit?! LoL… did I ever mention I started seeing someone? Well I did, and for the last i dunno 2 months? it’s been really great!  So there’s that… (=

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