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on May 9, 2009

I hate when plans fall through. They're called plans for a reason. You pick something to do. You block off a space of time reserved just for that, and you have fun while you're doing it.

Well when Chan's involved I KNOW plans will ALWAYS change.

She's been up my ass since TUESDAY saying how much time she wants to spend with me while she's here and we're gonna go out and do this and that yada yada yada…

I saw her Thursday when she came in. She came to my house took a shower, hung out with her kid. Then she went to dinner with her son and Chase while I stayed here with her dog..whatevs.

Friday I had planned for us to all go to Sutra for a friend of a friends bday. They had VIP and bottle service already paid for. Meaning FREE. Meaning all we had to do was show uP ANd drink.

So when I get home friday I text her and ask whats up, what she wants to do before then because its not till 1030-11 ish.. Well then she comes up with she ONLY has 16 dollars to go out with, yada yada yada.. well i only have 20. So….? Point being?… Well then it changed to Her, Josh and Chase were going to MVP's instead. (a super ghetto white trash bar) I said no thanks, and then ripped her a new one for flaking on me. Seeing as how she had been "worried" about it since TUESDAY. I should have known. But I wasn't going to reward her bad behavior and act like it was OK that she was hanging out with chase. One of the MAIN reasons she MOVED to KC was to GET AWAY FROM HIM. ugh. wtf is wrong with girls why are they so fucking stupid.

So ATC and I ended up just going to TGIFridays and having dinner and some drinks. Stopped by the Liquor store on the way home and picked up a bottle of Grey Goose. (gotcha feelin loose) sorry.. stuck in my head. We came 

home and ordered Quarantine on PPV because he INSISTED that I watch it… about 20 minutes into the movie he fell asleep on me, literally laying on me asleep lol. Didnt even take a SIP of his drink! I drank about half mine… so now today Im trying to drink the rest of them so they dont go to waste. You don't waste the goose.

Chan called me AND WOKE ME UP. To tell me it was really lame, and she got really drunk, and josh's friends made fun of her for drinking OUT OF THE PITCHER. And then, she hit someones car in the parking lot when she was leaving because she was so drunk. HAS SHE LEARNED ANYTHING FROM HER DUI? Obviously not. Has she learned anything from the past? NO. Everytime she's ever ditched me or flaked out on plans to do something retarded, something bad ALWAYS HAPPENS TO HER. Did she leave her info for the other car? No. She just took off. W T F

We havent talked since this morning. Her excuse yesterday was, she realized I'd be out there in 2 weeks and we'd be drinking a lot, and she just wants to spend as much time with Cameron that she can while she here. Thats fine, he's her son. But its not just cameron, its' Chase as well. She asked why I don't like him anymore or want to hang around him. UM HELLO YOU FUCKING WENT TO JAIL BECAUSE OF HIM. Why did she not like Marc the whole time I was with him? Because she was my friend and cared about me. But she doesn't see it that way. All she see's is Chase's huge penis. Until they get in a fight and she remembers he has no future, no money, no ambition, and nothing to offer her. Other than his penis.


I thought only girls pulled that whole "I'll leave something at his house heheheheheh" thing… cuz this week ATC has left socks, underwear, and his belt here. LoL. I don't know if he's done it subconsciously or he just forgot it or what…. but I think its funny… and cute… (=

Went and bought a cute, cheap curtain rod at Target today, only 6.99, just finished putting it up, but Im waiting now for my curtains to be dry.Also got some super glue, and put Marvin the Martians Gun back on the cookie jar. All Better. And bought some new, longer, heavier, stronger nails to finish hanging stuff up around the house. I think Ill try and get some laundry done today and…. I dunno what else. we'll see. 

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