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on December 8, 2009

However, yesterday felt like Friday and I'm not sure what today feels like, but its not a Tuesday feeling


  • 9 Degree weather…..for the past 4 days
  • Snow, snow and more snow
  • Ice under the snow
  • The heater in my car is only half-assed working, see above 9 degree weather issues.
  • Changes at work ~ Annoying but have to be done
  • The last 3 hours of sleep this morning were all crazy ass dreams, i got jipped out of sleep!
  • 15 minutes is just NOT enough time for a break 


  • Working a half day on Monday
  • Having an interview next Monday for a job that pays 41k
  • 2 more days till payday, then i can get some groceries
  • My new tv/dvd's/wii ~ I'm so amused
  • Cuddly kittens in the bed with me when its so cold out
  • Getting my nails done Thursday! 
  • Sallie Mae approving my forbearance, AGAIN.

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