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We’s gots foooooods!

on January 22, 2010

Payday + Costco = Stock up!!!!


started out slowly…. then filled the basket up lol

  • 6 lbs of ground beef,
  • 4 lbs of tri tip steak,
  • lots of chicken,
  • 2 gallons of OJ,
  • bananas,
  • pot stickers, 
  • spinach leaves,
  • romaine lettuce,
  • 3-12 packs of pepsi…
  • block o'sharp chedda,
  • bread, and corn tortillas! love corn tortillas!
  • oh, and 40 lbs of cat litter lol.

all came to $111… eep!! but i figure, as long as my fridge cooperates, it'll all keep me fed for a while!

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