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I’m always gonna want to blow your mind

on January 24, 2010

Geez it's Sunday already?? UGH where did the weekend go?!

Oh yes, friday night i slept, mhmm.

Saturday was laundry day ALL DAY LONG well, once i got motivated, then i changed my bed sheets and what not.
Bingo night of course, we won $20 gift cards AGAIN and a free app card. Bummer though – for us – someone won the $400 pot!! UGGGH!!!! we were only 2 or 3 numbers away too. So close!!! Next week it starts back over at $50. le sigh!

Josh's friends showed up and I've never met them before but I was being NICE… and after the 2nd game and quite a few drinks josh and I were jokin around and I said your friends are bad luck! tell'em to leave!!! well we'll call her "the asian" took offense to that, not understand it was a JOKE and got a lil pissy, which i didnt notice, cuz well, i didnt care.

The game we finally won they were all getting ready to leave and she turns to Josh and says okay lets go, and hes like go where? and she says we're leaving, WE had plans…. and he says… no.. Sara and I had plans.. I just invited you along…. which pissed her off even more LOLOL. So funny to me, grown women with so much drama and insecurity.

After bingo he went to the other bar and met up with his friends and i guess she was still having an attitude and threw  out there, "well i dont care if u and sara have something btwn u two whatever" and he said, nope nothin btwn us and you're just jealous and full of drama for no reason, so don't call me again.

I *SO* don't miss those situations where I'M that girl. I just dont give a fuck anymore, no reason to get all worked up and be jealous and all that crap. and its even more hilarious that everyone THINKS something is up btwn the two of us. We're just SO alike and get along so well that I guess it comes off that way. *shrugs*

But the whole time I'm thinking, wow, this is just like last weekend, where *I* didnt blow off Josh for Chantelle, thats what you do when you have plans, you stick with'em! That shows that he's a good friend right there.

For those of you who upload music to VOX – mainly crankypants how long does it effin take anymore?? my other window here has been open trying to upload a song for about 10 minutes now…. does it work better in IE? (not that anything does)

I've gotta go clean the kitchen, somethin in there is stanky! and hopefully finish my laundry soon, oh and clean the bunnies ugh! they are so needy. Tanya is taking me to see The Blind Side later today yay movies! yay free for me movies!! 

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