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Ugh for reals

on May 12, 2010

Ellie has had diarrhea off and on for the last week. and one day threw up twice.

Sometimes in the house, others outside.

I left for 5 minutes to get food tonight, came home to a mix of diarrhea/normal poo in the living room, but also mucous-y. W.T.F.

I've given her rice, by itself, mixed it in with her food, she seems better for a day or so, and then back to it.

Killin me, i leave in 2 days. Can't have her sick while I'm gone.

The vet i took Chester too doesnt open till 8 – which is when i have to be at work, and i dont have an appt.
I'm thinkin I might just do a walk in anyways even if i can just leave her there. And its like 4 blocks from my work.

From what I've looked up online it could be a variety of things. She's on a good food though, IAMS proactive – but it may be a parasite or worm or who knows what. Maybe something around here from the golf course.  (you think i'd remember more from vet-tech school, but when it comes to my own pets, i draw a blank).

I shoulda been doin my laundry and finishing up for the cruise but i didnt, because i suck.

Was supposed to hang out with josh's friend, the mexican tonight, but he didnt get home till 830 and im not driving all the way out there to see him this late and then come back, plus its raining out and possibly snowing.

So I HAVE to finish everything tomorrow night.

Josh was able to get me a cheap cheap room at the miami airport w/his employee discount for only $35, will only be there for a few hours, still need to find a shuttle from ft lauderdale to miami.  My cruise roomie has not found a plane flight yet. ugh sucks for her. she's known about this way longer than me though she can only use being broke for so much of her excuse.

This whole Ellie thing is stressin ME out though.

Oh, and I have an interview Thursday morning at 10:15. Just ONE MORE THING to add to my plate right now. And then I leave work at 3 for my 5 something flight. UGH.

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