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Waiting Game

on May 18, 2010

Ive been in Fort Lauderdale since hmmm 3 pm i believe….

There was a torrential downpour at the airport with lightning and everything and they let NO planes land… so most circled till it reopened, however mine, went to Ft Myers to refuel and then come back…

My flight was at 6:20 pm.
It is now 8:22 pm
No plane yet.

My connecting flight in dallas is at 9:30
However they are also having weather issues.

So, if they have no one to put on their planes they will also be delayed and I may make it home tonight.
Otherwise I will be spending the night in Dallas and getting into Denver at 8:10 am, and then going to work.
Of course they have no hotel vouchers since it was weather related and not mechanical. UGH.

Exciting right?


I have about 300 pics/videos to go through when I get home.

Looking forward to my 4 day weekend to recover.
I went to bed around 3 or 4 every night, and got up around 8am every day.

Ive been being uncharacteristically nice at the airport and letting about 5 people use my extension cord to charge their phones and or computers…i think its just lack of sleep and only one major annoyance my stress level is pretty non existent from the cruise and all the happiness

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