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Catch Up Day

on May 23, 2010

This weekend went by way too fast…

Thankfully it'll only be a 4 day work week, and a 4 day weekend for Memorial Day woohoo!

Then the week after than I go back to Nevada for 5 days.

Friday after work i took Jess to run some errands and pick up some clothes for her son's bday present, then we went up to see my Stephy and Randee since Randee was leaving Saturday to go back to Georgia. ♥ my girls. The baby wasnt there though because they were having a party for her cousins 16th birthday so he was off with gramma for the night.

After that I came home and passed out, oh and on the way there we almost got in 2 accidents, to no fault of mine! Some guy on the freeway just kept changing lanes into our so i swerved and then swerved again to miss the cement barriers and then honked profusely at him, but it seems he was oblivious. Then we were on a residential street behind a car, and someone coming towards us turned right in FRONT of that car to turn into a driveway so we all slammed on our brakes, and then i sat there for a few seconds honking at the d-bag in his driveway.

Saturday I went to Old Navy for $1 flip flops! w00t! Had to make 2 trips though because there was a 5 flip flop limit, and I was getting some for Jess as well. The 2nd trip in, the line had DOUBLED. Man it sucked LOL! After that I went next door to Bath and Body Works because I had a text coupon, spend $10 get a free signature body lotion… So, I picked out the Lemon Pomegranate body spray, so glad they have it now! And midnight pomegranate lotion, when I got to the register the girl said "oh the lemon pomegranate stuff is all 2/$20!" and the body spray was already $16.50, so i basically got the $15 lotion with it for $4. to me, thats like pretty much 2 things free! I made out well. Imma be smelling all lemon & pomegrante-y all summer now!

Went to Bingo last night, I won a $10 gift card and josh and sean also won one with a free app too! go us! I also invited the engineer to come with us, ugh he is so annoying though. Not like when we're out, but when we got back home. At the 2nd bar we went to, he didnt even buy me a drink, but Sean did, and then called him out on it, and he had no response to it.. .He did buy me a shot before we left, but I couldnt drink the whole jagerbomb and gave it to Josh. Jager just makes my stomach turn anymore. So we came back here and i really didnt want him to, but he came all the way from Arvada so it was the least I could do, and he left his car at Fridays which sucked cuz i knew id have to get up early to take him back to it. I barely slept because Ellie was being obnoxious and every time she came in the room he'd play with her, i finally yelled at them both to knock it off so i could sleep, it was already 430 by then. Once 8am rolled around I made him get up and take him to his car, i was like sorry, i have shit to do today. . . . (like come back home and sleep till 1pm, which I did). I really dont think I'll be hanging out with him again. It's just not there, and the sex isnt that great, i gave him 3 chances… he's a nice person and all but eh not so much.

Ive decided to keep my book case after all, was going to give it to Tanya but that'd require driving it across town, then I was gonna put it on craigslist…. but its just too much effort… so I put all the shelves in it yesterday and started putting stuff on it, might as well unpack it since theres no where to put the boxes lol…. I also put away almost ALL of my laundry yesterday, I still have a few things in the dryer. I would like to finish everything today, probably as soon as I finish playing online scrabble with Josh. Oh an I need to go clean my car out and go through coupons argh.

I FINALLY watched this seasons premier episode of In Plain Sight with Donnie Wahlberg. gah i'm so in love with him its ridiculous lol. I also put Boomtown on my netflix, even though it was only 1 season, it's full of Donnie.

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