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Not even close to a Manic Monday

on June 1, 2010

There's been a Hoarders marathon on all day on A&E some I've seen before and others I'm watching for the first time. Love it! Makes me want to get up and clean stuff LOL

After I got out of the shower today I found Josh outside cleaning the patio!
He says its cuz he saw ants, but I think it was because of hoarders!

Just watched an episode of Obsessed too, this lady was freaked out by her own poo, and took a shower after every time going to the bathroom, a 2 hour shower! Crazy biznatch.

Went and had Chinese with Jess for lunch.
Then went to Cameron's and hung out for a lil while. We went and saw MacGruber – it was funny, that stupid funny, I could've waited till DVD but oh well. I have to admit I did fall asleep for a few mins during the movie, but that was my own fault, I was full and exhausted. We went and had dinner at Red Robin since he had a gift card to use. So it was a nice chill day with my friends. Just as it should be.

Have a few things left to finish up for VoxProj wknd, and I also need to start packing my suitcase since I leave on Thursday after work.

Back to more hoarders!

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