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on June 3, 2010

Man I thought I procrastinated on packing for the cruise, i leave tomorrow at 6:55 pm, and I started packing tonight at 10pm. oy vey!

Took me about 15 minutes to find my camera charger (was in my purse the whole time for some reason) if I could only find the cord for my blackberry to the 'puter i'd be in business… dunno where it is though…

Cleaned the bathroom, filled up the cat food bowl, and cleaned out the litter box.

Josh and I (mostly josh) bbq'd some burgers and corn on the cob tonight YUMMY.
and I made some ranch and bacon pasta salad as well.

Hopefully, i dont forget anything this time either.
I'm burning a few cd's right now so that I'll have something to listen to in the rental car.

NKOTB of course, and some other random things.

I wanna take a shower tonight so Ill be mostly ready for tomorrow, just need to throw everything extra in the suitcase and get to work. At least when I come back I have an extra day just to chill at home before I have to go back to work. That'll be nice.

I'm excited to see Melissa and Jenny and my grammas new doggie.. oh and the family of course. Der. lol. I hope mom takes me shopping!

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