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on June 10, 2010

Yay finally made it home last night. So happy to be back in Colorado.
Missed the big city, the traffic, my bed, and my pets especially.

When we opened the door Ellie almost looked shocked to see me then she jumped all over me and ran to get her ball to play asap. LOL. She's sooo different from my grandmas dog, I missed her hyperness.

Went down to the WestWord and picked up a $100 gift certificate I won to Argyll Pub. Josh and I are gonna go have dinner or maybe brunch there soon. I love free stuff!

Ok i got distracted I started this a while ago… Started adding things to netflix lol..

My DVD player is acting stupid, earlier today I watched

Post Grad. No problem with it played just fine. Put in 500 Days of Summer, wouldnt play past the warning dont copy this section.

So I tried my new Mad Men Season 3, and after about 15 minutes of fighting with it, it finally played… I dunno what's going on with it but I'm not happy about it!

I am so not looking forward to going back to work tomorrow! BOOOO!! And i've heard from 3 different people that we will be working 4 hours on Saturday. Hmph. I don't mind OT pay.. but it still sucks.. oh well. They're down to only 2 ppl in the back to process and there's about 3500 pieces of mail. I dont mind doing it, i figured that OT Would be happening soon. There's just no way for them to keep up, and we're so busy up front all the time that we cant do anything aside from help customers.

Ok yet again im distracted so im just gonna finish this up now lol

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