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Argyll Pub Review

on June 19, 2010

Last Weekend Josh and I went to use the gift certificate I won for the Argyll Pub

It was a nice lil restaurant on the underground level of an office building in the snooty Cherry Creek area of Denver.
It's actually described as a "Gastro Pub" in their words:

Gastropubs, in their original UK form, offer upscale pub cuisine.  Gastronomy is the art and science of eating well. 

Argyll GastroPub has a feeling of pure Old World permanence like the timeless UK Public Houses it is modeled after. Part of a hot national trend of importing classic UK-style “GastroPubs,” Argyll is as serious about its food as it is about its drinks.

I loved their chairs, which I didnt get a photo of, the seats were each a different plaid covering, the tables were sturdy, and the walls were covered in what I assume was local artists work, and kilts that had been framed, and bottles and bottles of wine on the shelves.

As soon as we were seated our waiter (who was very helpful with our WTF is this questions) brought us some fresh cranberry almond scones on a cute lil doily.

There was 2 of them, but someone couldn't wait to eat his.

We perused the Brunch Menu…

And I started off with a VERY strong Bloody Mary, and Josh a Margarita:


Our Appetizer was a Scotch Egg, which he described as Boiled, then battered and fried with some sort of horseradish dressing underneath it, he advised us to NOT skip the fried Thyme as it added a lil somethin to it… so we obliged.

For the main course I chose the Apple Cranberry Pecan French Toast.
I dont think the pictures really show you exactly how big these were, I was only able to finish one at that sitting.
It also came with a side of Apple Chicken Sausage, I'm not a big sausage person, but I tried it… Oh and these greenish brownish hash brown type of things.. they werent too bad.

Josh ordered the traditional Steak and Eggs. Which was very good, I had to try it.
He doesnt do bleu cheese, so I ate as much of that with the steak that he gave me.
I ♥ blue cheese. 

We tried to eat as much as we could…

But then he brought out the Dessert Menu , argh.

I did end up getting the Absinthe, which… was different… and yucky lolol… and very strong. I didnt finish all of THAT either.

Josh chose the Creme Brule:

Overall, it was a very good meal, something we've never had before and being that it was free that made that much better. I'm not sure I'd go back and PAY For things myself, but we do have $20 left of the $100, so I think drinks will be in order for that last amount.

The only bad thing we have to say about the experience was the other customers, they talked, a lot, about nonsense, and being typical 20 somethings ourselves we were obviously hungover Sunday morning and did not want to hear their jibber jabber… so we made fun of them under our breathe, and sometimes not so under….. but thats to no fault of the restaurant (=

We went home feeling like Violet from Willy Wonka.. and sprawled out on the couches for hours till we felt better maybe we over did it, just a tad…

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