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Sad Day =

on June 23, 2010

Found out today, one of my REALLY good friends Cameron was killed last night, in a head on collision while on his motorcycle.

He was just out with us Saturday night too.
I'm so upset and sad right now I dunno what to do.
I called his phone hoping someone would have it, and his brother Justin did, so we talked, and I told him I'll help out however I'm needed. And that I live literally down the street from Cam's house.

I know a lot of people who know Cam and I can help get the info out about the service.

Man, this is not fair.
He was only 35.
He took me on my first motor cycle ride last summer.

Here's a link to the article, another man was also killed earlier that day on a motor cycle in boulder.
Cameron's story is the last paragraph.


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