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Wrappin it up

on July 12, 2010

I posted on face book today:

Every weekend needs to be 3 days, because Saturday I'm too lazy to do anything, and Sunday i'm too hungover to do everything I didnt do on Saturday.

It's SO true though. Last night was a rough one!

Josh and I went to a block party in his friends neighborhood, it wasnt overly exciting, just hanging out really.. ran into Chantelle's ex again weird twice in like a few weeks…

We drank about 2/3 of a bottle of Crown to ourselves… which is a LOT.
Ellie had a good time, so many ppl around, she behaved herself for the most part, there was one dog she finally really got a long with and I let her off the leash to play with, other dogs were aggressive or too shy for her hyperness. She was finally pooped by the time we left, she actually laid down twice in the middle of the street!

Then we headed to bingo, and we had "reserved seating" at the bar LOL. We went to sit at some open space and they were like NO NO NO Over there! its all ready for you! They love us there So awesome! We didnt win anything however, but we were effing DRUNK.

There was some drama with one of Josh's friends but it was stupid.
I'm kinda over my sean crush… hes kinda put himself in the friend zone.. but i realized this the other day.
I even let him come lay in my bed last night cuz i didnt want him to risk driving home… and he stayed for a lil bit but refused to stay said he was fine to go home. so whatevs. i think he was just skeered is all. LoL.

My aunt sent me a $30 gift card for Kohls for my bday, so I went and used that yesterday, got a cute black and white flower print dress on clearance, a tan and white flowery top, and some headbands all for $27. Was trying to maximize the $$ with clearance stuff, but i just couldnt find a lot I liked.

Our bday bbq is next weekend so we've gotta start preparing for that, really just getting some food and what not and cleaning up the place…

Since ive been slacking all day, I need to go start some laundry, and clean the hell out of my bathroom, and the litter box. I still need to clean the inside of my car, so grody. I vacuumed it out the other day but thats as far as I got. 

My tattoo is looking good, the swelling on my foot has finally almost gone down all the way.. i'm sure it will starting itching soon and scabbing, thats always fun LoL. I can wear flip flops without hurting so much and limping LoL.

Welp I better go start my stuff before it gets too late…

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