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Monday Rant

on July 19, 2010

So I just got done watching Food, Inc. for the fist time

and Super Size Me for the 2nd time

Both eye opening movies everyone should watch at least once..

Ive been on a fast food kick the last couple weeks, more-so out of lazyness than anything else.

Mainly because I haven't had a lot of money, but when I do get a few bucks, its easier just to grab something and go…

I SHOULD be cooking up the food we have in the house its not GREAT but its better than Carls Jr. I love me a jalapeno burger though!

I've gotten to that point, and they talk about it in the movie, that you crave the food, you get that happiness after eating it, and then 30 minutes later you crash because you're so full and full of sugar and you just want to take a nap.

Its really gotta stop. Ive done it before cut out the fast food, and it saves so much money. The hispanic family in the movie talks about how its 'more expensive" to buy vegetables… when the broccoli was 1.49 lb. That they could just get 2 burgers for a dollar for their kids and be done with the meal they didnt have time to cook for them. That's just insane to me. It's WAY cheaper to buy veggies, you just have to make sure you EAT them and USE them so that you get your monies worth. You wont be eating one bushel of broccoli in one sitting you'll be spreading it out – include it in a salad for lunch, and as a side to your dinner. It's already paid for itself there.

I can talk all i want about eating healthy, i know HOW to do it,  just CHOOSE not to. My biggest culprit is soda/sugar. Which is evident in my dental history. I had to get an emergency root canal Saturday morning because i had an abscessed tooth, it had been previously filled as a cavity but apparently it was too deep, the filling only lasted 7 months.

So today I'm staying home because the abscess hasn't cleared up completely yet and half of my face is swollen as all hell. All the way up to underneath my eye and i look like a pumpkin. I dont even want to leave the house but I have to go to the dentist to get a note for work to excuse me from scaring off the customers.

So anyways I check my email and I see this from Kellogg's:

Now I assume that most households have measuring cups. If you were serious about losing weight or eating correct portions, you would use a measuring cup and or a scale… do you REALLY need a cereal dispenser to tell you how much 1 cup of cereal is? Do you think its different from a regular 1 cup measurement? What prevents you from going back and getting 2nd's or 3rd's? Do you really need to shell out $24 dollars for a glorified measuring CUP???? Oh i see it has that big K on the front of it, THAT makes it special, and helpful and will push you to succeed… or just gather dust and take up space on your kitchen counter… it could really go either way…

I love me some special K strawberries, or their granola, and their chocolate peanut butter protein bars are pretty yummy, but whys it all so expensive? They often put out coupons for the cereals which is helpful when the stores have sales, but I just cant do the special k 2-3 servings of cereal a day diet. It's not filling to me.. And I know, paired with all their other options it probably works for some people, but I don't have that kind of self control.

Well ive gotta go shower so i can pick up my dr's note hopefully find my sunglasses so i can hide some swelling.. and avoid fast food while i'm out and about… does jimmy johns count as fast food? cuz that sure does sound good today.

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