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Something aside from puppy pics

on July 31, 2010

Let me make a real post, a quick one LoL.

How can you not take a million pics when you have a new puppy right?
She's so darn cute, and I've come to start caling her JuJu, josh's name for her is (jewburger.mpeg) dont ask, seriously, cuz i couldnt tell you any sensible answer.

I was supposed to go to my friend Erin's bday party last night, but it was super dressy and expensive where she was having it and i was just effing tired. I was also supposed to go out with Josh + crew but once i fell asleep on the couch I knew it wasnt going to happen. I was/am just so exhausted from work everyday that i really cant do anything.

I wish I had gone out because apparently it was entertaining, josh cut his pinky finger pretty bad and some other crazy stuff. Apparently he "made" Sean make out with some girl at the bar, later i find out its an ugly girl. You know how guys are, I dare you, or you're a pussy if you dont do it… oy vey. Had i been there, i doubt Sean woulda made out with her.

Not sure whats quite going on with us, we're still talking daily, and after they woke me up by coming home and being loud, he texted me when he got home, around 4 am, and we talked until 5 when I fell back asleep. So obv. there's SOMETHING there, other than we havent boned yet. WTF is that all about. He's scared of me i know that, but hes tryin to put it on me sayin i'm shy and timid wtfever lol. we'll see what happens tonight after bingo maybe.

So I just finished cleaning the bunnies so theyre happy now and have trimmed nails as well.
Had to lock both dogs in the kennel so I could get it done in a timely manner.

Next up is cleaning the bathroom the litter box is already outside since i hosed it down so it should be dry by now..
Then I need to straighten up my bedroom it's horrible for reals. Laundry everywhere, shoes everywhere, oy vey.

I really hope i'm not getting sick, my throat has been kinda iffy the last few days… hoping maybe im just snoring at night or something LOL i feel fine otherwise.

My toes also need to be painted today, lots to get done, wish I had some caffeine to kick start me!

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