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Scotty (sean) doesnt knooooowww

on August 1, 2010

My Saturday was i'd say 80% productive, got everything done except my bedroom/laundry, i'd like to get that done today.

We didnt win squat at bingo but it was still interesting..

I always get there first around 9:40 to get good seats @ the bar for everyone. So i'm sitting there minding my own, texting and drinking, and the bingo guy "T" comes up and hugs me from behind around the waist… i didnt know who it was at first.. so I just kinda sat there and grabbed his arms, and im like hmmm who is it? and he goes "what you dont like strange men hugging you?" I was like oh no i dont mind, i just wanted to know who it was (i was thinking it was Sean at first). So he left me the cup of beads we play with, and then came back to give me the cards…

After the first game, everyone wasnt there yet, he came back over and was like, so WHY are you always the first one here and you're alone? So i explained that Josh doesnt get off till 10 and they usually all carpool, so thats why. And that i come straight from home, and i'd been watching the new puppy and so he asked about the dogs and what not and was just being unusually flirty with me. He's always tried hooking up with my friends when they're there, never me… interesting. So then he goes, we're going out for shots after bingo right? I was like oh yes sure! LOL which that didnt happen, but he was trying, i told him we'd be at the bar across the street LOL.

So we went across the way to Scooters and Josh and his gf were having drama righting out in the car, shes just being stupid and getting on all our nerves really… still i should say… we only had like 1 drink there and just sat outside and chilled for a while.

Once closing time came around we were all standing out front and some guy was running his mouth and it was annoying Sean.. and I had to get in between them and prevent Sean from beating him up… he later thanked me for doing that because most ppl usually encourage him to do so… it was also good because like 30 seconds later 3 cop cars rolled up cuz i guess there was some drama inside.. but we missed it. However the cops all parked right behind my car so I wasnt able to leave… so Josh's drunk ass saunters over to them and is like hey.. so uhh… you guys gonna be here much longer, cuz you're kinda blockin this car? and the bald cop goes: What, you cant back up? and josh is like oh, i could do it, but this is my roommates car, and well you know how that is….so what happens if you back into a cop car… is that covered under full coverage insurance? LOL and the cop just starts laughing hes like yeah, you'll need to discuss that at home but yeah we'll get outta your way. EFFIN hilarious.. we were all like O M G Josh is gonna get arrested for being drunk in public or something, but it was all good.

When we get home the neighbors are outside all drunk because they were having a bachelorette party so we're out there talkin to them for a while and then the Egyptian texts me and hes like come over? I'm like no i'm too drunk sorry… no dui for dick… and he asks if HE can come over so I said yeah sure no problem…

Now in my mind I say oh it'll take him 20-30 minutes to get here.. and Sean will have gone home by then…
But we all go inside, Josh goes upstairs i go to my room and sean lays on the couch, says hes gonna chill for a lil while… so I'm like hmmm okay…

Soon after I get a text saying he's here, so I go outside, and as soon as I open the door josh is like what whats going on where u going whos here what'd u forget…. lol so i meet egyptian outside i'm like listen.. josh and tasha are here, and so is his bff who ive kinda been seeing, so be quiet and go straight to my room LOL.. hes like well alright then.. not like he's going to object seeing as how he has a girlfriend and all.

He follows directions well, we go straight to my room and get nekkid and get to the good stuff.. mid way through hes all.. i dont wanna go too hard and make your bed noisy… I'm like it's okay they wake me up all the time (hopefully sean doesnt hear)… i wasnt silent.. but I wasnt screaming like Josh's gf either… so LOL… I snuck him back out, even though its right behind the couch were sean was sleeping, and I went to bed…

Woke up this morning around 1130.. assuming Sean prolly went home some point during the night… come to find out he left around 7… we've talked today, but not brought up what happened last night, maybe he didnt hear it, maybe he fell asleep, maybe we're just avoiding the subject LOL

I'm going over to Jess's tonight to watch MadMen, and I made plans with Sean yesterday to

go to his house after wards since its 5 minutes from hers….. so as far as I know, that's still on, and I'm hoping that tonight we'll finally do it, cuz I dont think I can last much longer w/o knowing his… abilities… and hopefully it doesnt change our friendship considering Josh still doesn't know.. we've been pretty good about not showing / saying anything out in public… but it WOULD be kinda nice to have some PDA …

So hopefully tonight will fill my requirements for RedScylla's Filthy Slut Badge™

If that doesnt do it, I've been talkin to a guy who's coming in next weekend from Boston, BOSTON!! MY FAVE PLACE AND ACCENT!!! and wants to spend the weekend with me… hopefully that pans out…

Apparently my MOJO has returned this weekend and I'm quite alright with that long as it stays around for a while!

I better go get started on my room/laundry pile, argh
Ive watched EuroTrip twice this weekend so far, and "Scotty Doesnt Know" is stuck in my head….

Look at this precious picture, I wore them out playing ball in the heat…

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