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What a Saturday

on August 7, 2010

And Friday too..

So yesterday Josh drops a bomb on me while I'm at work.

We already know his mom and her bf are 98% sure they're moving to DC in a month or so as long as he gets clearance to start work… so Josh says, well you know, if they move, our rent's going up… I'm like what?? why??? He says because what we're paying is barely covering their expenses.. meaning their mortgage here, $1000, plus hoa fees $225, Electricity ~$100 ish, Parking Spot $70 and home owners insurance. We currently pay $350 each… and they're gonna want $550 each a month now. UGH. I can BARELY pay the $350 now…

So it's obvious that I cant afford to move, not another deposit first months rent etc etc etc, nor do I really WANT to move. I dont want to pack up again, I've finally gotten settled, there's lots of room for Ellie outside and the area is nice. So I came to terms with it and decided well I'll probably need a 2nd job then… again. sigh.

Today when I came home from my errands, he drops another bomb.
Because this was only a "temporary" thing at first they were okay with all my pets.
Now, they want me to get rid of my rabbits if I plan on staying.


I've had them for 8 years. I do NOT want to get rid of them. Josh "says" that his Mom "says" that rabbits are stinky and that the smell will permeate the walls and wont go away……. umm what? Never had that happen in any of the places I've stayed before. and NOTHING permeates walls WORSE than nicotine from all smoking they did in the house before I moved in. The smoking that turned the walls yellow, that took 2-3 coats of paint to cover AFTER they were washed down. It's some bullshit if you ask me. And i'm sure this is not coming from them, it's probably coming from Josh. Yeah they can be annoying, they ARE nocturnal animals… Amylase can get kinda noisy when drinking from the water bottle.
I clean them once a week/every 10 days.. it's not like theyre done once a month.

I offered to put them in my bedroom, even though that would annoy the crap outta me, and I thought about an outdoor hutch, but I'm sure that's probably against the HOA rules.. and when winter comes around, well it gets pretty fucking snowy and cold here, theyve been spoiled indoor rabbits their whole life.

So I really don't know what to do. I'm obviously attached to them, they've been with me the whole time I've been in Denver. If I was asked to get rid of the cats or ellie I would definitely get up and move. I'm not LESS ATTACHED to them than the others but I dunno.

I sent an email to the CO house rabbits society asking for advice, maybe they have foster homes or know someone looking for "mature" rabbits.

He finally told his mom about him getting a puppy and from what he says she has no issue with it…. (thats why he waited 2 weeks to tell her?) Uh huh, sure.

He's been in a pissy mood lately and he's taking it out on me and I dont know why. He came home from work all cranky last night didnt say HI or anything went right up stairs, and I told him, id just put the puppy in the kennel a few mins earlier cuz the dogs were just out of control playing for hours and hours and they needed to chill. And he's like WTF why punish my dog? that's not fair… im like um ok well i can lock ellie in my room thats no problem but thats your dogs kennel thats HER safe space.. so he lets her back out, changes, takes her to pee, and then he leaves and says "put her away when you go to bed". Oh now its MY Fucking responsibility? This is YOUR dog, your PUPPY who needs ATTENTION and training.

Yes I know he watched my pets while I was out of town but theyre really not all that difficult, we all know cats are self sufficient aside from the litter box and ellie can hold her pee for 12 hours if she needs to LoL.

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