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Oh yeah and…

on August 8, 2010

There was some other stuff I wanted to talk about that I didnt in the last post…

Next week we'll be working 8 hours of overtime to try and get caught up on paperwork.
Mon – Thurs we're going to come in an hour early to "screen" mail so, 7 am.
Saturday we will go in at 8 for 4 hours to process 75 pieces of mail each.

We got to vote on it, it was either that way, or ONLY 4 hours on Saturday.
I voted for the 8 hours because I obv. need the money, other ppl were pissy about it, and one girl read it wrong and didnt realize what she was voting for.

So being there at 7am is gonna be rough.. but its only 4 days.. hopefully I can survive.

NKOTB Cruise 2011 tickets go on sale Friday the 13th. at 8 am. So i asked to come into work a lil late that day, they sold out in hours last year. Even though I have pre-sale access, I still want to be sure I get a spot.
So in order to pay for it, I went to my credit union today and got a short term loan, similar to a payday loan but without all the stipulations and extra fees. Last year it was required to put $300 deposit down, and pay the rest in installments so that is feasible. (hopefully with a 2nd job)

If my calculations are correct my garnishment will be done by the end of the year hopefully… and in January ill be back to getting full paychecks again.

Hit up Walgreen's, target, and the grocery store today coupons in hand and got everything I needed for cheapy yay.
Including Special K protein meal replacement bars. they are SO friggin yummy.. i have 4 boxes now LOL. Double chocolate & peanut butter and chocolate.

I want to avoid all 'fast food'/eating out, aside from Fridays Bingo Night for a while.
This will help my bank account and my waist line. . hopefully.

I've had this zit on the back of my ear for like 3 weeks, i thought I had it taken care of last week, but its still there I dunno whats going on with it and its at such a retarded angle I cant really "attack It" ya know?

Allllllllll of my laundry has been taken care of today, theres one load in the dryer right now and some on my bed im gonna put away as soon as I finish this post. I also put clean sheets on my bed, and just need to straighten up the rest of my room. It's amazing what you can get done when you're not hungover all day!!!

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