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As of now…

on August 11, 2010

I have 8.5 days of vacation saved up, as long as i don't use any of that, by the time the Cruise rolls around in May, I should have a total of 24 days available.

So I could get to Miami a day early this time (or two) and even stay the rest of the week afterwards.
It leaves on May 12th (my moms bday) and a payday, which is a Thursday, and returns Monday the 16th. So 3 or 4 days left over in Miami would be nice…

Also I talked to my Mom today and told her what was going on with the whole Josh thing, and she agreed it'd probably be best for me to find my own place. She didnt even suggest me getting rid of the bunnies, of course she wouldn't she's an animal lover herself.

I found a decent (so it looks) apt on craigslist at this community I drive past every day on my way home for $535 + 35 pet rent (i think she said $35 total). Don't know yet if any of the utilities are included hopefully at least water is that would be good. I could somehow do $570 a month… Mom said she'd help me with the deposit, cuz she's awesome like that. The only problem would be when cruise time comes, who'd watch the animals. If Josh and I are still friends I'm sure Ellie could stay with him.

I no longer have a couch …  who needs furniture right? lol… i do have my coffee table, and dining table, and bed and book case, those are the only 'big' things. I'd like to get in by the end of the month, that would mean packing the house extremely fast and finding ppl to help me move. Not trying to get a uhaul again just vehicles and rope!!!

Just thinking of the stressful kitties stresses me out. 

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