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on August 11, 2010

I checked when i got home, yup, STILL TUESDAY. Fuck longest week ever.

This was day 2 of AM Overtime @ work.. and ended up having to stay until 5:40 today because of so many ppl, someone being off, and someone going home AGAIN because her fucking head hurt.

Of course midway through my day Josh starts texting me asking what I decided about the rabbits, told him nothing yet, was still thinking about it, looking into options etc etc, that its a big decision to make and what not.

So then he starts fuckin just GOING OFF blowing my phone up, and Im like dude, why do you wait till I'm at work to have a "serious convo", i know you think I don't do shit all day but im fuckin busy and I cant talk about shit right now., and hes like well, when i get home from work you're going to bed or whatever so. Um yeah nice try.

He's just going off about everything I dont even remember right now. And then says the screen door is fuckin broken or whatever at the top, saying the cats probably climbed it and pulled it down… umm wtf, they dont climb screens anymore i broke them of that habit years ago. Couldn't possibly be just an OLD SCREEN and the rubber around it is dried out… since its been in the 90s+ this whole summer. But of course it HAS to be MY cats, no other reason.

Oh he also tried to tell ME that taking care of my animals comes FIRST before getting coffee ($1.50 at 7-11 yesterday) or going to the bar or "other bs". um i go out ONCE a week to Fridays WITH HIM and his friends. thats WHAT my 'going out' consists of. I told him "I'm sorry i dont have "bitches" like you do to buy me shit when I want it, my world doesnt work that way, I have to WAIT till I have money available, so if i have to wait a couple days till i can buy bunny litter, so be it.


So I've been looking on craigslist for apts and what not… I dont WANT to move I've only been here for 4 months, and as crankypants said, I move  A LOT, I've only been here for 4 months, At least i've managed to downsize all my stuff for the most part so it wouldnt be too horrible, and I dont have couches anymore so thats a plus in itself.

I love Josh and all and I dont want to ruin our friendship and it feels like if I stayed here that may happen. I told him today "if you dont want me here just fuckin say so dont get all pissy with me".

Ugh just the thought of moving again.

The only positive thing this week is booking my NKOTB CRUISE 2011 on Friday morning. I have $326.00 in my account, and $300 is needed for the deposit. I think I have $11 cash in my wallet so that really needs to go into the car for gas I believe. LoL

I've been on the No-fast food diet- diet this week, and Ive done well! The only thing i had was a mcflurry today at lunch because I was having such a craptastic day i thought it might help, and unfortunately it did not…

But its also saving my bank acct so that's awesome-sauce.

K imma stop complaining now and try and do something productive.
btw, already cleaned the bunnies.

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