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I like this blog

on August 12, 2010

found it today via wallet pop

Sounds a lot like what I want to do… trying and wanting are 2 different things.
Moving is gonna fuck a lot of that up…

Went and viewed the apt today, it was cute, nice appliances, plush carpet, built in shelves … however, of course there's always extras, Power is extra, water sewer trash is all a flat $70 a month. So all in all it would be about $640 a month ish.

The application fee itself is $51. I dont have a criminal or eviction history so that's good, but my credit sucks. So it's 50/50 there ya know.

It also has the baseboard electric heaters, ugh last place had those, and a wall unit AC, had that too, and its only in the living room. But it has a big porch… .

It's available now/by the end of the month.

Still looking around craigslist but not really finding anything else…

Came home after that and Josh was home, its his day off all we said to each other was "i already let the dog out", him to me. I took Ellie out anyways. So we sat on the couch next to each other on our laptops not saying a word.. and then his GF showed up…. and they left with the puppy to the park I assume… *shrugs*

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