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Can we pretend that Airplanes in the night sky…

on August 19, 2010

Are like shooting stars?

I keep having dreams about airplanes, not reaching their destination, not crashing and blowing up, but not making it to the airport… this mornings we had to switch planes in some place that was NOT the airport everyone got a police escort to the other plane, and i had my rabbits with me, but another passenger had gotten them for me since i had so much baggage.. i was worried about them making it to the next plane. (hello having to move again)



Airplanes: Because of their associations with big trips, airplanes frequently symbolize significant transitions and attempts to reach new destinations in our lives. Common destinations include career goals — a new job position with "elevated" responsibility, recognition, or financial reward — or a change in social status, such as marriage or a committed relationship.

Plane crashes, losses of power, and trouble in flight are common dreams that reflect anxiety about our ability to reach a destination. If a dreamer has a fear of flying, the dreams may reflect literal anxieties prior to a trip, or may occur when a child is traveling. Plane crash dreams should not be interpreted as precognitive.

Interpretation Tip: If you dream about flying in a plane (or of watching them fall from the sky), ask yourself what goal — career or social — is weighing on your mind?

The dreams that follow illustrate different aspects of airplane dreams. In the first, a dreamer's life is turned "Upside Down" by an illness in the family. In "Falling Plane," a hopeful young woman wonders if a romantic reunion will lead to a committed relationship. "Plane Crash" instructs us that flying dreams can also represent the routine stresses of everyday living; major issues are not always indicated. In yet another romance dream, "Boyfriend Dies" reveals a deeper fear camouflaged as concern about air travel. Finally, "Crash Landing" shows us a woman in transition, nervous about her ability to achieve the "lofty" career goals she has set for herself. Will she survive her big debut?

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