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Day 1 – Me

on August 21, 2010

Day 1 

Hi, I'm Sara, if you didn't already know (=

I was born in California and lived there up through 2nd grade.
My mom then moved us to Nevada, where she was born and raised, from what I've told it was to get away from the big city and dangerous crimes in Los Angeles. *shrugs* I never noticed it but I was little, what did I know. I remember the night we left Burbank it was raining lots of thunder and lightning, my Dad drove the u-haul and i rode with him, and my mom drove her vw bug. My dad only drove us there and then went back to Burbank. This was all my mom's decision. Oh, and they were never married, pretty sure they were together long enough to date, conceive me, move to l.a. and then decide they werent right for each other. We lived next door literally in 2 diff apt complexes.

Every year I went back for Spring Break, Summer Vacation, and occasionally for Christmas. Sometimes my dad would drive up to NV and pick me up an take me back and sometimes I would fly. I've been flying alone mostly on Southwest since the 3rd grade. I'm a pro at air travel.

We lived with my Grandparents in NV up until 8th grade when my mom got married. I never thought it was weird or that we should have our own house or anything like that. Probably because I was always surrounded by family no matter which state I was in.

I never missed out on anything as a child, every summer I took swimming lessons and tennis lessons, played softball and roller hockey. Being an only child I pretty much did what I wanted and got what I wanted. Spoiled yes, Brat, No.

I've always had pets growing up, and I continue to have them today, and always will, Its in my blood. My whole family consists of animal lovers.

These two phrases I've discovered this week explain me a lot:

I don't have an attitude, this is just my personality….. Take it or leave it.

A failure to plan on your behalf does not constitute an emergency on my behalf

People call me a bitch, which to me is a compliment.
You have to KNOW me, to GET me.
I've lost most compassion for the human race.
If you get hurt, I will inevitably laugh at first, and then help you out.

I like to have plans, a schedule, some kind of time line.
I like to be spontaneous, but in an orderly manner…

I'm lazy and can be unorganized at times, I just dont like cleaning up after myself ASAP, it can always wait till later. I'm a night owl so around 9 or 10pm is when I get my burst of energy and can be productive and feel the need to clean, however that is usually my bedtime as well since I'm an avid fan of sleep and can never get enough.

Waking me up/disturbing my sleep up is probably one of the worst offenses you could bring upon yourself. Via text, phone call, or coming into my room and interrupting this glorious time.

Flaky people get on my nerves and those who change their minds or plans at the last moment, it drives me crazy.
I do my research on things I don't know a lot about, or when I'm getting into a new situation. I like to be prepared and informed. I see nothing wrong with this.

Drinking is a favorite past time of mine, but it is not a problem. I have dabbled in drugs before, but no longer, they're too expensive and make me feel like poo the day after, not worth it anymore.

Football, hockey and baseball are all sports I enjoy to watch. YES ENJOY. On tv or at the stadium. If I could find a guy who enjoyed them as much as me, I'd be set LoL.

I'm not HORRIBLE with money, I just didn't take too much responsibility in the past with credit and what not and it's coming back to bite me in the ass now. You live and learn right.

Should be no surprise to most of you I love New Kids On The Block, although I feel alone in this with my circle of friends, I know there's millions of other fans out there in the world that love them just as much and even more than I do. So in that, I am not alone, and as Joey's song says "5 brothers and a million sisters".

I will sometimes give people a 2nd or even 3rd chance, but that's far and few between at this point in my life. Cross me once and we're pretty much done. I don't have the time or patience for forgiveness.

Being single is okay with me, for now, at this point. Sure I miss romantical things, but i don't feel empty without them. Most relationships are a let down in the end anyways and I want to be the only reason that I am unhappy, not because of someone else.. does that make sense? I don't want to rely on someone ELSE for my happiness lets put it that way. Too many of my friends "put the penis on a pedestal" as they say… (or as I say).

I'm only 28, there's a whole lot more life for me to live so up until now, this is me in a nutshell…. a really big, extravagant nutshell…

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