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Bob and Me

on August 24, 2010

Day 2 – Your first love, in great detail

Let's see…
I'll start with a picture

This was our Senior Prom Picture. How cute were we? Yes I made him get a white Tux to go better with my dress.. . hahaha.

Anyways lets start from the beginning shall we!!

When I was around 12 or 13 I baby sat for some friends of my aunt. They lived across from Bob, otherwise known as Bobby, or BobbyDean. The kids always joked "you and bobby should go out heheheheeh" at that point I was like uh nooo thanks he's too nerdy for me…

Fast forward to age 17, we both started working at Schlotzky's Deli when it opened the summer before our Senior Year. He wasnt someone I hung out with socially at school, I barely knew him really… but over the summer months, we flirted a LOT at work, and at night talked on AIM and on the phone of course… texting wasnt that big back then.. (1999).

Our first "date" was going to the movies with his 2 best friends to see… omg i cant remember.. it was a comedy though.. hmm.. anyways I'm not sure if that was the same night or a different one, but we all ended up at my house cuz the 'rents were gone and we ordered pizza… so we were watching probably Base-ketball the movie, how can i remember that? and they were sitting on the couches, and me, being stupid, went and sat in the recliner…… BY MYSELF.. apparently he gave his friends a look like WTF?? yea i'm dumb…

We eventually started "dating" I wanna say.. august 15? 21st? around then… yeah we even celebrated the "monthly" anniversaries LoL… he gave me a sterling silver heart necklace once, and a ruby heart ring, and even a teeny tiny diamond ring …

Oh and I cant forget, he was my first, uh… everything, kiss, sex,.. everything. Our first time was in a park in Jenny's neighborhood, we just couldnt get any privacy anywhere else! We also did it in our cars a few times hahaha and when we'd ditch school and go home as well…

He taught me more than I already knew about nintendo… and he came to all my dance team performances and rooted me on. After high school, we got an apartment together, a shitty apartment with shag carpet, and a freezer that didnt really freeze anything, it actually said on the door, that it would not keep things frozen… we had our ups and downs, i hated his pot smoking, he one time even got caught driving with some in the car and arrested…

We both loved Nsync and BSB LOL i know it's hilarious.. We saw Nsync in Reno, drove to Vegas and saw them again, (we had awesome seats) and drove to San Jose to see them, and stayed with his Uncle for the weekend. We also took spring break to Burbank to see my family and Arizona as well. Wow, we sure did a lot!

He cheated on me with a "friend" of mine, and dance team mate, i never understood why, I think it was moreso her, than him.. she was a scandalous bitch who peed her pants… literally… i'm not joking.. she has an uncontrollable bladder or something.. and yes I told people about it.

When I found out about the cheating, my best friend Jenny confronted the whore in the middle of the school one morning before classes, I walked in her giving her a tongue lashing. It was awesome. That's what best friends are for ♥

His dad gave me the name "SaraBelle" which i loved. His dad is awesome.

Prior to me moving to Colorado we moved into his Mom's townhouse in an effort for me to save money before coming here, I dont think we paid her  much, if any rent.. I cant quite remember…

We did quite a bit of ecstasy together, that was good times LoL from what I can remember, we have lots of pics though hahaha. . .

The day I left for Colorado was a sad one, we both cried a lot and he stood in the street as I drove away in the U-Haul. We stayed together for hmm… 8 months or 10 maybe after I moved, he even came out to visit me once, I tried to convince him to move out here, but he's not a big city kinda guy. We broke up, I thought mutually, but when he called the next day to verify we were really apart, I guess I did the breaking up…

We're still friends on FB today, and a few times when I've gone home to NV we've hung out … he's dating a girl, who has some similarities to me.. and looks like they've been together about 5 years. She must not mind his small package

Our relationship lasted about 3 1/2 years.. not too bad for a first relationship right?

That's the story of Me and BobbyDean

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