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Blah Okay

on August 25, 2010

So I didnt get the first place I put in an application at due to my shitty credit history.. they asked for a co-signer, for a flippin apartment!! yeah no… thanks anyways

I went and checked out this place after work today and its super cute, in a tri-plex the center unit, has a cute lil back yard with 6 foot fences AWESOME. It's a lil on the small side, but I could survive. It's weird the washer/dryer are IN the closet, which hogs up some closet space… but they're full size front loading machines so that's a plus!! And it has some built in shelves.

The kitchen has all new appliances and counter tops and the bathroom is super cute, its a lil diff than the one picture i think that's an end unit one…

Huge bonus, it's about 5 minutes from work. AWESOME SAUCE™

love the wood floors in it as well no more vacuuming!!! just sweeping and swiffering LOL.

So i just filled out the application and scanned it and emailed it to the guy… I left a check with him to pay for the whole application process. Hopefully I hear good news in the next day or two and can start packing stuff up and figuring out money things.

He said theyre not toooooooo strict on credit based things they're private owners after all, i explained to him i'm "in the process" of rebuilding my credit, not claming bankruptcy or anything like that, just getting things in order.

Oop… just remembered I have an interview tomorrow! Should shower tonight so I can get cute in the AM. I should really go to the gym tonight as well.. However I'm running on about 4 hours of sleep.. due to Josh's Friend-Pj's friend, Justin who I met Friday night and have talked to non stop since then. He came over last night for a bit 'o fun… and oh boy was it… thinking of how much I sweat last night, It was comparable to a trip to the gym LOL.

I also have laundry to put away… decisions decisions….

OoOooh I saw work crush today *swoon* he was all tan and hot looking just got back from vacation… we chatted for a while… gosh he's yummy. Tomorrow night I'm supposed to go over to Timmays house for dinner again.. hopefully he doesnt flake this time. Oh shit i forgot i need to go move my car. HAH. man space cadet today!!!

I better go pick at least one thing to be productive about!!

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