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on August 30, 2010

I'm bout to smack the attitude out of Josh for reals. He's been good for a few days, up until about 10 minutes ago.

He told me earlier tonight that his mom was gonna be here thurs-fri this week on their way to DC, so we had to make sure the house was clean, yeah sure no problem.

Then when he gets home, he asks if I can get cash for his mom instead of writing a check for the rent so they'll have cash when they get to DC. I said no problem, I get paid Thursday night so I'll get what I can out of the ATM since the bank will be closed by then. And he says well YEAH but the rent is due on the FIRST… so thats like Wednesday. So I say well, I cant just pull $500 out of my ass, and if i was writing a check I'd write it weds give it to you, and it'd be cashed sometime thursday, when I had money in the bank…so if shes coming into town Thursday night, whats the difference? He goes "it's $550"… omg. SAME FUCKIN DIFFERENCE good god.

Am i wrong?

Then he says well they might be coming in Thursday Morning instead of night, just depends on when they get the uhaul now, they wanna get the fuck out of Montana. Understandable. But there's nothing i can do about when i get paid. If it's going to be THAT much of an issue I'll just call my mom, and then transfer the money back to her the next day.

For reals, I'm already trying to find another place whats the big fuckin deal whys he gotta be such an ass lately. HIS fuckin stupid ass GF is the one thats been here like 3 nights in a row almost. Up until the very last minute that he leaves for work. She was nice, if u can say that, enough to take the puppy with her today so I didnt have to deal with her, me being sick and all did i mention i have a late summer cold? it's some more BS if you ask me!

So not looking fwd to going to work tomorrow esp. if I'm feeling the same way. Maybe it wont be busy and they'll let me go home.. hah.wishful thinking, on a monday at the end of the month. Sigh.

At least its only a 4 day work week, then 4 day weekend. Thats a bonus.

I've not done much other than lay in bed/on the couch all day feeling poopy. I did go to 7-11 to get some OJ this morning, had some chicken noodle soup, ice cream, and tons of water… still feeling poopy. It's seriously just the left side of my nose.. and the constant sneezing… the throat pain has gone away but it'll probably come back tonight since I cant breathe for shit.

Been talking to a new guy today who wants to take me out on a date when I'm feeling better, so that's something to look forward to…

Really enjoyed watching the emmy's tonight, jimmy fallon was hilarious as always i think Mad Men should have won more than they did but i'm still happy with what they got! Oh and Modern Family, that show is awesome hope it'll be around for a while!

I better go try get some more sleep..ish…

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