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My 1st WP Post

on September 3, 2010

Hello word press world, how goes it?

You’ve been rocking my mind since yesterday and I may have finally figured a lot of you out.. but it seems there’s still a lot to learn.. I will lean on my fellow vox neighbors for support if they find out any nifty things..

I found out that under Dashboard > blog surfer >  you can add your friends via their wordpress url, so that’s handy, and then where it shows “Display Posts” you can choose the time frame of the posts you want to read, so that’s kinda like your old “neighborhood” page. Hope that helps some of you out.

The basic blue grey white black home page is kinda boring to me, I want more colors!
But I’m happy that I got to personalize my header and background with NKOTB images ♥

I was so looking forward to sleeping in today, being that its my first day of a 4 day weekend… however that was shot to hell when Josh’s Mom’s BF showed up around 745  and then they were ALL Awake and LOUD until about 845. However her BF seemed the nicer of the 2 of them, I over heard him saying how nice the place looked (since we painted when I moved in) and that we’d kept it up nicely.  Well that was the only nice thing i’ve heard in a while.. however in the 2 1/2 days that his mom was here, she never said 1 word to me. I didnt even SEE her aside from noticing she slept on the couch. I’m not sure what her deal is, but as a 40-50yr old woman, you’d think she’d be a lil more mature? Ron told me to “respect my elders”… thats not even the case though.. When josh’s gf came over she was so excited to meet her, and when Sean stopped by, they all went out together, w/o even asking me to join.  *shrugs*

Last night I went over to Jess’ to catch up on MadMen, I missed the last 2 weeks, so we’re all good now.. and ready for this Sunday’s episode!

Used my day off today to go downtown to pick up the tickets that I won for the Taste of Colorado, did i mention what the trivia question was?
Here i’ll test you guys, and give you the answer at the end of the post

What Rock ‘n Roll performer has a size ZERO outfit on display at the Denver Hard Rock Cafe?

:: Plays Jeopardy Music ::

While I was downtown I went and turned in a 3rd application for an apartment today. I’m really hoping that 3rd times the charm here.. I talked to the lady before even going down there to tell her my credit was shitty but i have no felonies or evictions she said that’d be okay.. which is also what the 2nd guy said.. so please, cross your fingers for me. If it goes through I’d be able to start moving on the 18th of this month. I should really start packing things up this weekend just so I have a head start on it all. Things from the shelves and book cases that are of no importance other than aesthetics.

When I left the house today Ellie ran outside with me, I tried to get her to go back inside, she looked at the door.. looked at me.. and then walked to the car. Apparently I didnt have a choice if she was coming or not.. so we spent a few hours out and about together. I’m sure she probably needed a break from the puppy.

I like how wp does a word count at the bottom of the window, and auto saves the draft who knows if that really works, vox’s save feature didnt work after a while as we all know.

Well i better go be productive somehow…

Here’s your trivia answer:
Steven Tyler from Aerosmith!


2 responses to “My 1st WP Post

  1. freedomsmith5 says:

    Wow, looks like you have figured out quite a bit. This page looks awesome! I love the header. I have not mastered the customized look yet. I want to though because I have already seen two people with my same background.
    Good to see you here!

  2. LOL! New, not yet improved! Love it!

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