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Ooohh Those Summmer NIiiiiIiiiights

on September 4, 2010

Someone posted a tweet and that song from Grease popped in my head, but it explains last night pretty well!

Finally found someone to go to the taste with me, it took a lot of asking to get people to go to something FREE and to use FREE food tickets.  GVR finally agreed to go with me, we didnt get down there till about 8:30 though trying to find parking was a lil bit of a pain but eventually we found some for Freesies.

I should have started taking pictures when we got there.. but i was so hungry I gobbled it all down!!

Started off with Fried Pickle Slices w/Ranch MMMMM
GVR gave me my first ever potato pirogi
I was searching for my “steak on a stick” which I could not find, so I settled for Beef Filet k-bob which was pretty damn good itself.
Then I had the berry/banana k-bob, drizzled white white and milk chocolate mmmm

Yummyness On a Stick

Finished up with Mini Cupcakes

Mini Yummys

GVR also had a Gyro and Indian taco.
We got our moneys worth!

When I got home Josh asked if i wanted to go to the bar with him and Sean, even though I was completely full of food, I figured I could still use some liquor, so I went along.

By the end of the night Sean was very flirty with me which was weird since he’d been talkin to other girls all night, he and I ended up driving Josh’s car home, so that Josh could drive some other girls car back to the house lol.. anyways.. so in the car Sean says “so I hear you have a new boyfriend?” (he mentioned this the other day and i said what? no?) I’m like where do you get that Sean? Why would I have a BF? He’s like, well after the last time we hooked up, I heard you were with someone else like 2 days later, and then another week later, and then just the other day… I’m like yeah? And.. ? That doesnt mean I have a BF, that means I enjoy sex! lololol…

So I said Sean, what do you want from US, from THIS? You have to speak up because I’m not psychic and I dont know what you expect of me…. He said that… well.. I dunno… I guess… Well… I know I dont have anything to bring to the table relationship wise, seeing as how he doesnt have a job, and still lives with his family.. and I agreed… LOL. and that until he did have those things, there would be no point in being in something serious-ish. and I agreed again. at least he’s in school that’s something!

So, I said we can keep doing what we were doing before, that’s no issue… BUT He cannot get butthurt if I hang out with other people too… because I TOO hear his stories from Josh (who is still in the dark about Sean and I) … so we agreed on that.. but I think he still likes me a lot, and may still get his feelings hurt if there are others, and there are. So until he gets his life together, we will just remain FWB. . . .

We get back to the house and are sitting out back talking while he smokes.. after that he gets up and goes home, so I send him a BBM asking if he wants to hang out, he says yes, i say when, he says NOW… LoL. so I said I’d meet him at his house in a few, and I did.

His family is out of town so he gave me the “full tour” of the house and we hung out in the kitchen and had a drink and talked, and to my surprise he was a lot more aggressive this time and started kissing me in the kitchen! Shabam! lol, we eventually went to his room (basement, i call him the basement troll) and were watching The Inventinon of Lying, even though I missed some parts it was a good movie! I ended up staying the night and actually eventually getting sleep for once, and was able to sleep in till about 10am today, that was nice.

It looks like we will all be passing up Bingo tonight seeing as how its a BIG d.u.i weekend, and none of us wanna risk it, for the $50 pot at bingo.. not sure what Im gonna do instead yet…

As for now I gotta go shower, Jess wants me to go swimming with her and the kiddo, I dunno why but she’s paying so I gotta go LoL.


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