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Monday Cleanse

on September 6, 2010

People always say you should remove the “toxic” things from your life…
Tonight, I removed Josh’s mom from my facebook, yes, i de-friended her! OMG lol.
The last straw was that she posted a link to Josh’s wall about “choosing the right rabbit cage”.  Her passive aggressive attempts are weak and unwarranted. Anyways its a done deal and I feel better already.

I made a yummmy dinner tonight… garlic herb chicken breasts over bow tie pasta and white rice with Feta and Greek Dressing.. Yum Yum in my tum tum! Which reminds me I need to go put the left overs away soon. That’s another thing i wont miss once I  move, having to make sure I do this or do that etc etc “before josh gets home” because he’s so fucking anal retentive about EVERYTHING. He wont care that I took out the garbage, cleaned the rabbits, and ran the dishwasher (yesterday) … he’ll find something to bitch about I’m sure.

Crossing my fingers I hear some good news tomorrow about the 3rd apartment i applied for.

Dude from the springs was supposed to come up tomorrow night to go to the comedy show with me, but I asked tonight to make sure, and he said he wont be able to cuz his work schedule changed.. boo to a guy having 2 jobs, shit like that happens. So now I gotta see if I can find someone else to go with me. Maybe Sean, Maybe Gimpy, Maybe Redneck.. we’ll see who’s available, who responds..


2 responses to “Monday Cleanse

  1. If I’ve read your previous posts right, you and Josh were friends before moving in together? Are you still going to be friends once you move out? In college I roomed with a friend, and we ended up completely hating each other. The next year we had different roomates, and our friendship drastically improved. In fact, she was in our wedding a few years later! It sounds like his mom definitely throws a monkey wrench into the whole situation….congrats on the “defriending”!

    • Yes we were friends before moving in, we talked for maybe a year or so before we ever met, then once we started hanging out in real life we just clicked.

      I think once we separate things will be better I just cant deal with his mood swings and anal retentiveness (whos the girl here?!)

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