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Day 03 – Your parents, in great detail

on September 8, 2010

Gotta restart this over here on WP so here we gooooooooooooo

Lets see lets see.
I dunno how much detail I got on these two LoL..


  • She sends me money, shes a lot of help in that department
  • Always repeats the same thing ie. every time i move “now remember to forward your mail”
  • She got married when I was in 8th grade, I did not like him much, but we’re better now, I can stand to be in the same room with him.
  • She’s the oldest of 3, but her youngest brother my uncle Chris unfortunately took his own life years ago.
  • I believe she’s only ever lived in Nevada and California.
  • Always been an animal lover
  • Currently has 2 cats, spooky and… i forget the others name.. and a bird
  • (and to my chagrin a plant lover, i hate plants)
  • Was studying archeology? I think in college.. but dropped out when she met my dad (so i heard).
  • Which explains why she probably wasnt tooooooooo horribly mad when I dropped out of college…
  • There was a point in time when I was very upset with her, my dad had told me that when I was little, she’d gone off to live with some guys from her work and left me with the rest of the family. Who does that? I eventually got over it.
  • She got her first tattoo a few years ago w/ the girls in her office, they do everything together.
  • She loves anything vampire related, yes, twilight, supernatural, etc
  • Her favorite movie i’m sure is LadyHawk. I never really understood it.
  • I call her a few times a week, usually at work just to bug her, but she likes it.
  • Everytime I go home to visit and then leave, she cries.
  • Hobbies include: arts & crafts, sewing, crocheting, camping, gardening.


  • Is a Vietnam Veteran
  • Is also an animal lover
  • Oldest of 4 children
  • As long as I’ve known him he’s lived in Burbank, CA
  • Currently taking care of my grandma
  • Used to be a courier in l.a., delivered to movie studios, stars’ homes, businesses etc etc
  • He occasionally took me on his deliveries, I’ve been to Kevin Costners house as well as Danny Devito and I’m sure others that I dont remember because I was too little, OH! i met the creaters of the simpsons and got an autographed picture.. who knows where that ever ended up.
  • Loves photographs. His apt is covered in pictures/frames, mostly of me as a child (=
  • He used to drive a baby blue vw bug, it was cute.
  • Every morning he’d drop me and Anabelle (my bff) off at school. He used to call her brother “tooty fruity” since his nick name was tuti LoL
  • I’m sure he has NO idea how to use a computer
  • I try to call him at least once a week
  • He used to drive up to NV to see me on birthdays or holidays if I didnt go down to l.a.
  • He occasionally would bring me jars, or funky containers filled with change that he’d saved up since the last time he’d seen me… and then i’d have to roll/count it all myself, but i’m sure it helped in the learning process!
  • He currently has a dog, Mikey, and quite a few cats, and maybe some birds.. not sure how many he’s up to.. and of course a lil lap dog for my grandma.
  • Used to ride a harley back in the day
  • Has told me that me being born got him off drugs.. well aside from weed, that’ll never happen esp now that he has a license for it.
  • Oh and he had a son before me… i met him very very long ago, he stayed with my dad for a minute but he was a lazy bastard so he booted him. They weren’t close like we are.
  • And he looks like a cross btwn Santa Clause and Jerry Garcia, he was mistaken quite a few times for Jerry back in the day.
  • Which reminds me, I need to call him soon.

I think that’s about enough of those two, lets end with some Pics (=


4 responses to “Day 03 – Your parents, in great detail

  1. Redscylla says:

    This post makes me both sad and happy. It reminds me of how our parents are both these iconic figures in our lives that we constantly interpret in terms of ourselves, but they are also their own people. *headscratch* It’s like religion. Your parents are like god to you when you’re a child, and then you grow up and realize they’re people, too.

  2. i dunno if i ever looked at mine as a godly figure in my life..
    they were just, them. i never really put them on a pedestal like some people do..

    theyre just who they are, mom and dad (=

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