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A Day In My Life Thru Pictures

on September 9, 2010

I got this idea from my friend Molly who did the same thing for her 30th birthday. However I have nothing special going on so I decided to do it just because!

This is the first alarm (radio) it starts at 6:30

Who I saw First

2nd Alarm - Donnie Wahlberg's - Rise 'n Grind

Shower Time, hey I like variety, Today I chose Twilight Woods

EEP!! Running behind as always

What to wear....


I think this'll do

Ahhhh which shoes?!

Oh these ones, theyre my go-to shoes - Elisha this toes are for you (=

Oooh gotta feed the d-o-g

Time to get ready

More Options

Make Me Perty


Ahhhhhhhhhh running late

Noming Breakfast

bun buns need breakfast

Mooooooooooom Privacy Please?!

That’s about all I got, now I’m just sittin here watchin the dogs play and doin this, which has been a pain, wordpress needs to make photo editing and inserting better.

CrankyPants should recognize the background on my phone, because its her picture that she took, and I stole (=

Anyways, hope you enjoyed!!!


12 responses to “A Day In My Life Thru Pictures

  1. mochibutt says:

    What color are you wearing on your toenails? I must have it in my life.

  2. EtotheL says:

    Cute idea. Sucks you can’t load pics easier on this stupid WP. I’m not liking WP at all.
    PS: Thanks for the feet shot….you ass! 😛

    • If I’d done them all at once, probably would have done it more how I liked, its a learning process I guess LoL.. And you’re welcome (:

      With my zoo pictures, I just emailed them all in one message. That worked too

  3. Love your nail polish! It’s almost the exact shade we painted our new bathroom this past year. It was also the color my buddy picked for me to wear in her wedding this summer. I wish I had found that nail polish when I wore my bridesmaid dress…that would have looked super cool!

  4. jesticalynn says:

    LOL Love the day in pictures you are slow when it comes to getting ready..and my lord women do you really need all that variety? I wish I had half of that.

  5. crankypants says:

    LOL, I did do a bit of a doubletake at the first phone pic, then I recalled you borrowed it from me. kewl!

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