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on September 10, 2010

Is it STILL Friday? This is like the never ending day..

Work sucked we were busy as hell, people were more rude than usual, and I got yelled at like 4 times. A few times I had to walk away from my desk to prevent from punching someone.

Ive still got the headache I started with this AM.

After breaking my blender, I decided to start on my packing, and I got 6 boxes done! They only consist of movies/dvd’s/ and my wiiiiiiii stuff. But it counts. There’s more boxes out in the garage that I need to get down from the rafters tomorrow when it’s light out. I found the replacement thingy for my blender at walmart for $10.88.. online at least. Imma see what the price is in store, if its more than that, site to store shipping is free.. but either way will have to wait till payday at least.

Ive got nothing else going on tomorrow so i’m thinking I should be able to get a lot done… should.

I was re-reading over the ad for the apt, i didnt realize it had a skylight in it lol.. and it doesnt say anything about paying for any utilities, nor about any that are included..  so we’ll see what they say when I go in next week to sign the papers. Hoping for most if not all to be included since it IS a condo they usually include water/sewer/trash at LEAST.

I’m so ready to go though, josh and his gf were arguing after they got home from the bar until 3am. Woke and KEPT me up. argh. Sean however fell asleep passed out on the couch and didnt hear any of it. He shoulda just came to my room lol..

Kisa and Twitch have both lost their collars somewhere in the house.. need to find them soon, probably under a bed or stuck under something.

The Dr gave me some ointment yesterday to try and clear up my skin, and it looks like it was working already, I wasnt as red and blotchy this AM so thats a plus! I just have to get in the routine of using it twice a day, i’m not big on washing my makeup off at night, I know i know, horrible. Which reminds me I should wash my pillow cases this weekend.

Ok I’ve had enough time for bed and cuddle time with my kitties. Theyre gonna be super stressed out when the moving starts…


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  1. I am also lazy when it comes to washing off my make-up (or at least I used to be). This past year I discovered Neutragena make-up wipes, and it has made my nighttime ritual sooooo much faster! They come packaged in a blue sealable bag (I bought the plastic container to keep them in, though). One cloth is enough to get off all of your make-up, and I don’t have to do anything else after that….no lotion, nada. I’m done in less than 30 seconds a night! They are also great for traveling, because the bleach hotels use on their towels makes me break out.

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