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on September 14, 2010

This will be my 3100th post.. Not here of course, but since I started with VOX. That’s a lot right? kinda? maybe? Over 3-4 years I believe…. Nice number though.

Still Tuesday, still have things left to pack. Not a LOT, but enough.
Think i will start on my clothes/shoes tonight.

Got a hold of the leasing company today, wanted to sign my papers Friday, however I could not have time off work Friday because 2 other ppl are already gone that day, So I had to reschedule to Thursday, which is fine except I wont have money at 4:30 Thursday, I’ll have it at 6:15 Thursday. UGH. The amount they gave me for upfront fees was outrageous, $1250!!! For first months rent, the remainder of the deposit, and the pet deposit! WHAAAAT. I assumed that Sept would be pro-rated, but the way THEY do it is to pay 1st months up front w/deposits and then the 2nd months is pro-rated.. Ok well.. argh.. more than I expected to pay. So I asked if the Pet Deposit could be paid with Octobers rent and they were fine with that, PHEW!! So now I only need $900 on Thursday, so of course I called trusty MOM. lol, explained it all to her, and that she’ll get $600 of it back on Friday, and the rest… next check-ish. . .

So i get to leave work at 3:30 Thursday and go get everything taken care of. Yay, Finally! I’m SO READY to be done already. Last night I did almost all of the kitchen, and then today Josh texts me asking where HIS silverware are… so I said on the box on top of the table… and then he said “well where’s all the pots and pans because i DID have some before you moved in you realize this, I think you need to look back over your stuff and only take your things” So I said, “I know whats mine and what’s yours, TRUST ME, the purple box underneath YOUR silverware is all your pots and pans, I was planning on putting it all away for you, but go right ahead”. So he says “ok just making sure and i think the silverware thing is mine too, dont wanna be left with less than what i had”. I said yup the silver thing YOUR silverware is in is yours, the green plastic one I’ve had for 9 years.

It seriously took all i had to not go batshitcrazy via texts over all that. He just doesnt know how to ask a question with out it being a STATEMENT or accusation or demeaning. Drives me fuckin crazy.
Of course he didnt put his shit away its still sitting on top of the table, when I got home him and Tasha are here, why? Really? Cant go to her house? There’s obv a lot going on here, boxes everywhere there doesn’t need to be more people in the house.

Sean, Tyler and Corrine are supposed to help me on Saturday, hopefully they all follow through. *crossing fingers*

My friend Veronica who still works for Comcast got me a hookup on cable and internet, getting installed this Saturday with a free hd-dvr, yay! Ill finally get to use my tv to its fullest extent! No more stolen cable and half assed fuzzy channels!

Remembered its my friends bday party on Saturday and she’s here from Georgia so I must go to that, somehow and miss bingo sadly, but I wanna see her so it’ll be okay. Hopefully I wont be a walking zombie by then!

Well it looks like they left for a bit.. i better go get stuff started while I can.


4 responses to “3100

  1. lauowolf says:

    Oh crickey.
    Sounds as if it’s going to be a tedious move-out.
    But Saturday you will be OUT
    And Sunday, you will be IN.
    Settling in is different, and fun.
    Now it’s just getting from now til then.

  2. Freedom Smith says:

    You have a lot of patience!! I would be getting ticked off by the his third question and insinuation that you were taking his stuff!! LOL….go to the dollar store and load up a basket with the gaudiest cheapest kitchen stuff you can find (pasta spoon, spoon rest, etc) and drop it by his place, ROFL. He deserves it (by that, I mean, getting ugly stuff) after being like that to you!!!

    I hope you have a lot of energy this weekend and can get it all done!

    • I don’t need to pick out cheap stuff for him, its all old left over stuff from his mom haha…

      Mines all brand new pretty stuff.

      I don’t normally have this kind of patience, I dunno where its coming from, just 3 more days is all I keep thinking!!

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