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Spaaaace Baaaaags

on September 15, 2010

I promise i’ll stop bitching soon about the move and all.. just a few more days i promise! then you’ll have to hear about my unpacking woe’s LOL.

I feel like I’m not making as much progress as I should be, but I did a lot in the beginning so now it’s all little things. I did 90% of my closet today, my shoes yesterday, the rest of the knick knacks in my bedroom..

Baaaags frrommmm spaaaaaace

Was going to run to Walgreens earlier to get some more space bags, but the neighbors were outside, parked illegally, and I did not want to give up my “open” space. So that’ll have to wait till tomorrow I guess.

Here’s a space bag filled with.. ohh.. 1/4 of my closet maybe? SO convenient!

Mom transferred the money today so after work I went and got the cashiers check for tomorrow. Must.Not.Lose. lol would be no bueno!!

Cant wait till I get those keys in my hands, may even take a few things over tomorrow evening, just cuz. Gotta take Ellie over to get her used to it, she gets so nervous when we move.

The puppy was driving me batshitcrazy tonight, shes got a loose canine tooth on her bottom left and Im sure its hurting her since her big girl tooth is already in, the baby tooths literally hanging there and we cant pull it out yet, so she insists on chewing on everything, including the wood beams that support my bed. GAWD. So i had to keep dragging her out from under my bed, then she destroyed the living room/cat toy, it goes back together easily but still. Those are all her toys strewn about…. I cant watch her 24/7. Gonna suck for her when we’re gone, Josh’ll actually have to be home to take care of HIS dog.

Had some drama at work today, but Ill leave that post for another day when I’ve calmed down a lil, dont wanna get myself all worked up before bedtime anyways.

Ugh! I shoulda been asleep 45 mins ago! time for me to sign off!!


4 responses to “Spaaaace Baaaaags

  1. geologywoman says:

    Moving is so stressful, but makes us get rid of unneeded stuff…hence, the charity shop I run has loads of donations all the time. Which is great. We are moving too…I have started packing. I am so excited, a much bigger house. A huge kitchen. A quiet village.

    • I just moved in april and i gave away a TON of stuff, so this move theres not really anything for me to part with lol… ive only been packing since Friday, and i’m moving this Saturday LOL.

      i’m downsizing to my own apartment again, was sharing a townhouse with my *friend* lol.

  2. Redscylla says:

    I’m a redneck. My “space bags” are garbage bags. But it still works, and yes, very convenient for packing.

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