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I may have a problem

on September 17, 2010

With air fresheners, and candles and the like…

What? I like things to smell good.. esp when i have pets.

Scoured the house for all of them tonight, mind you this is one of those reusable grocery bags, and its more than half -ish full…

Also I found Ellie’s old halloween costume which she has outgrown, but it fits JuJu!

Managed to get JuJu’s wiggly tooth out! I bet she feels a whoooole lot better now, she was chewing on EVERYTHING.

Jon Hamm is on Jimmy Fallon tonight. YUM. β™₯

Cant wait for tomorrow’s work day to be over, I need to get some pet food, try to find at least 1 more cat carrier, and take ellie over to the new place along with small things I can carry easily.

When I was there today, someone was in my “reserved” parking spot. Hopefully this isn’t a pattern.

Argh, its 12:18 way past my bed time. night!!!!


3 responses to “I may have a problem

  1. Freedom Smith says:

    Twitch looks terrific with the hat antlers and with the glowing eye effect of the picture!!

    I love good smelling stuff…mainly on sale, from Bath and Body and from Yankee Candle!!!

    Hope you get some good sleep and your pets too!

  2. jesticalynn says:

    We both know you have a problem….I wouldn’t say it’s the mini hording of smell good products and bath stuff lol but we know you have a problem…

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