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Slowly but surely

on September 19, 2010

I’m getting around to putting the apartment together, I set up the dining table today and nailed the backboard to a shelf thingy back together… and set that up with the cat food, maybe permanent, possibly temporary… just all depends..

Found the plastic fork/knife/spoon’s so that I could eat some ice cream for dinner and then make a PBNJ sammich.

I set the bathroom up yesterday, havent quite decided if i want to hang up my whatever it’s called that holds on my hairspray/lotion/perfume etc… right now its propped up on the back of the toilet. Loving the water pressure in the shower though, but I will eventually need to invest in a hand held shower head.

Spent 5 dollars tonight on Peanut Butter, rainbow sherbet, 4 packs of koolaid (i need to find my pitcher somewhere), and a carton of milk… then spent $11 on gas ~ 4 gallons.Β  Not quite sure how that’s going to last me 2 weeks… lol will need to figure something out.

Ellie seems to have adjusted well, barking at dogs outside of course, she only really has 1 window in my bedroom to look out of. i feel kinda bad for that, but we gotta take what we can get… the cats seem fine as well they were all sleeping with me last night or this morning.

On that note can i say how awesome it is to sleep a whole night w/o any interruption?! OMG didnt know what to do with myself when I woke up this morning!

It’s very nice having my own cable/internet connection again.. the internet is soooooooooo fast when it’s not stolen wireless! LoL. Once I got comcast to set up my internet, my Airport Router when right back into service no problems whatsoever thankfully!

I think tomorrow after work I’ll go over to the old place and get the rest of my clothes that are there (and all hangers, i have a pile of laundry in my living room now) as well as any left over food in the cupboards and maybe clean up a lilΒ  if i have enough energy. Ive got all the time in the world to unpack here.. but only 2 weeks left to clean up there, rather just get it done sooner than later.

I should make my bed tonight, but I think that can wait, ill just continue sleeping on top of my quilt and use other blankets for my covers LoL no worries. I did however leave BOTH alarm clocks at the old place, so Ill have to hope that my phone wakes me up enough in the AM tomorrow!

Ok i cant stop yawning, time for bed!


2 responses to “Slowly but surely

  1. Redscylla says:

    Sounds like a huge relief to be in your own place. Hope the settling in goes easily.

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