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on September 27, 2010

Had the best dream EVAR this AM

So i woke up in my cabin on the cruise, and Donnie Wahlberg is laying next to me. (whaaaaaaat!!!) and the alarm is going off so we have to get up.. and we do… and get in the shower together to save time?water? whatever… at first it was just sharing the shower.. and then trying to reposition in there so the other person was under the water…well things got a lil close.. and we started making out… and well… yeah we ended up doing it in the shower.. and it was fucking HOT.Β Β  O M G

And then we had to rush out to what we were supposed to be doing, him performing, and i got some special seats up top of the ship even though it was far away i was kinda bummed.. but then I see off to the right side of the ship some Killer Whales breaching the water and playing around, and then some other Humpbank Whales joined in on it too, and I realized why he’d given me that seat, so I could see the whales having fun, and them performing from afar.

Then I had to rush downstairs to meet my friends? roommates? to do our own performance, almost like cheer leading it seemed, and I was running a little late and they were upset with me, I think they knew that Donnie and I had hooked up and they were jealous!

I woke up soooo happy and in such a good mood!! LoL As a reminder, this is what me and donnie look like in the bahamas (=

Me & Donnie - Bahamas 2010


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