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Thursday Schmursday

on September 30, 2010

This feels like such a long week.
TGIt’s Payday tonight!!

Received a voice mail today, and i despise voice mails, but it was actually a good one!! The post office has my mail key! woohoo! they said it could take UP to a week, and it took 2 days! How awesome is that i’m so excited to get mail again LOL. (remind me to post about this in more detail later)

Tanya and I went to see the movie last night, I didn’t really know what it was about so I didn’t have any expectations, it was different, quirky, and interesting.. I don’t think it’ll do huge at the box office it’ll be one of those movies you see because someone told you to rent it on DVD..

I really feel like I’ve had enough of this week, and I dont wanna come back to work tomorrow.. today is the last day of September, so we’re busy. Tomorrow being the first day of October AND a Friday, we’ll be busy. BOOOOOOO.

OH So this AM I wake up and there is a text from Sean around 1:30am.. which I did not hear.. So i respond while waking up and i’m like whats up with the 1am texts you KNOW i’m sleeping at that time… to which he says “I know, was just thinking about you” Me: o_O hmm lol.. so I say.. oh yeah? what about me? Sean: lol, just you.Β Β Β  how VAGUE of him sheesh! So i tell him you know, we havent hung out in a while, and we should, and he says “i know right”. GAWD what does it take to get a good response out of this man!! Friggin dork… So I’m like “there’s always saturday after bingo” and he’s like, “yes, there is lol”.

I swear i’m gonna smack him LOL.

Pretty sure that I’m going to head down to Colorado Springs friday night to see Justin, (Josh’s Friend-PJ’s-Friend that I met one night at the bar) He’s been buggin me for a while to hang out again and since he already drove up here I GUESS I can make the drive down there… the things you do for sex… LOL.

Two sad death’s today:
First Comedian Greg Giraldo accidental overdose.
And Actor Tony Curtis from cardiac arrest

I better wrap this up i gotta clean up from my lunch and head back to work *cries*


5 responses to “Thursday Schmursday

  1. leendadll says:

    oh, man… I’m really bummed about those deaths!

    Greg was really funny.
    Tony introduced ELO when I saw them in concert (my first concert ever) in 1978. I obviously loved his movies too but the concert thing has always stuck with me.

  2. jesticalynn says:

    Umm so Love the fact you got your mail key but….How are you going to see one on friday and the next on saturday??

  3. Freedom Smith says:

    I did not know about the deaths! Wow. I am shocked.

    Colorado Springs sounds like a good idea πŸ˜€ I am chuckling because you wrote that in a public blog (unless, this is a private blog and I did not know that).

    You got the text at 1am? Geez. I would not be thrilled to be woken up to be told that someone was “thinking about me,” and then for him not to say anything else. Grrrr!

    • it’s public, but none of these guys know about this blog (or are smart enough to find it I think) they’re not nosy like boyfriends… so it’s all good.

      I didnt wake up at the 1am time slot fortunately, I saw the text at 7 when I got up for work so I wasnt too mad..

      Unlike last week when he CALLED me at 5:40 am and woke me up. that was a diff story, I was a little peeved. boys will be boys.

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