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Ups and Downs

on October 6, 2010

This day started off not too bad, but has ended kinda crappily.

I woke up on time, even had a chance to half assedly do my makeup, and made it to work, on time ish… Work wasnt busy at all, we never went above 20 customers and for the most part we were at about 5 people steady all day long. Nice, relaxing, didnt go by as fast, but still.. better than 100+ people staring at you for 8 hours straight.

Checked my bank acct and 24 hour fitness took $21.85 out of my account when they were only supposed to take $7 because I froze my membership for 2 months. So i call and tell the dude and he says they show nothing on their side that it was debited, but its obv. in my bank acct.. so I fax them a statement, and call again when I get home and the lady says well it’ll be 5-7 days before it hits my account . ARRRRGGGGHHHH…

So that means my bank acct is short for my checks to clear for rent. AWESOME right? So I call mom and she sends me $40 to cover it and I go deposit it after work, by then 1-2 hours time maybe theyve already cleared/tried to clear. The 2nd one, which was for part of the deposit did NOT clear, and I do NOT have over draft coverage right now because I have a short term loan out from the bank.

Tomorrow morning Ill have to try and call the credit union and beg for them to redeposit that check or something..explain to them the 24 hour goof up.. and cross my fingers… If a check to the leasing company bounces, they require you to pay everything else in certified funds, ie. cashiers check or money order. I really dont wanna deal with that for the next year, ya know?

So sick of this being broke shit living penny to penny… i reapplied to Macy’s tonight for seasonal support at the location CLOSE to me, not across town this time. I’m hoping they’ll call me, since I’ve already worked for them before and left on good terms. *crossing fingers*

Being so stressed about this latter part of the day, I had ice cream and chips for dinner with a side of kool-aid.. nutritious right? I should get up and cook something.. but ehh.

At least the couch is still comfy. I sprayed the edges with “no scratch” stuff so hopefully the cats dont damage it. I’ll be pissed if they do.

One piece of good news, my credit score (from when up 1 point! woohoo! it went down about 5 after last October, then climbed up 4… and now 1… so I’m back to where I was last October. Baby steps I guess… really just wish I could get a windfall of money and be able to pay everything off and be in the positive for once.

I’m hoping all the rain from Cali and NV head this-a-way, it’d be nice really. It was pretty cloudy and gloomy for a majority of the day, that’s how I like it! As much as I love summer, I’m ready for fall: sweaters, scarves, boots, wool coats! Lets skip over the snowy part of winter and head back into spring mmmmkaaay?

OH! I started hanging up my clothes last night in the closet of all places! And my shoes! it’s amazing, I can see the bottom of my closet now, the suitcases are put away, and just have some things to go through on the bedroom floor… maybe tonight, maybe tomorrow… we’ll see. I was waiting for Sean to call me last night, but he takes too long, stays up too late, so I gave up and went to bed .. . (i first typed wet to bed, no i did not pee myself LoL)

Lovin the new Law & Order SVU Season so far… and LOLA’s on next. . . .

Ok thats enough for now, no more rambling randomness for tonight!


One response to “Ups and Downs

  1. leendadll says:

    24 hr Fitness should reimburse you for any overcharge fees caused by their error. That’s how it usually works.

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