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Tuesday Mash Up

on October 12, 2010

Just caught up on last nights DWTS and Jennifer Grey’s routine was my favorite! She’s doing so well every week!!

Results are tonight, not sure who’s gonna be going home though.. maybe Florence Henderson.. hard to say… The Situation’s not that great. I’m getting frustrated with Bristol Palin when she keeps saying “im not sexy, i’m a 19 yr old mom!” well girl, you obv. were sexy at one point because Levi BOINKED you more than likely on more than one occasion.. you were sexy enough to get knocked up.. i know that you’re now an “activist” but c’mon!! I’m sure your mom has pushed some self-esteem issues on you so buck up and be a woman already!!!

The season finale of Teen Mom is on tonight.. i dunno why i watch it, i dont like kids, or teens LoL.. but i guess it makes me feel better about my decisions and common sense when I was that age and currently (at least in the being safe dept!)

It’s tuesday right? let’s do an L & L


  • Dishes I need to get off the coffee table and into the dishwasher
  • People complaining about being single, seriously, it’s so awesome try it!
  • I had to pull the fuse for the interior lights in my car, havent gone to tyler’s to have him fix it yet… at least my battery’s not dead though.
  • We got busy at the end of work today
  • There are still boxes that need to be unpacked in  my living room, and random laundry in the bedroom on the floor.
  • 2 more days till payday
  • Jess didnt have the baby on the day I chose!



  • Tom Selleck doing voice over on Florida Orange Juice Commercial
  • 2 more days till payday! I’ve got lots of coupons ready!
  • Got 12 hours of sleep last night
  • Woke up to a rainy day
  • I have a cantaloupe in the fridge, I need to cut it up before it goes bad.
  • Mom said she sent me a box today with 4 blankets, a new purse, and a pair of corduroy pants that she didnt like.. we’ll see if they fit! oh and coupons of course LoL
  • I told her about the work stuff thats been going on just to give her a heads up
  • 3 day weekend this week!!! It’s a furlough day but still a friday off!!! sleeping in!!
  • I got these tiny manila envelopes.. I wrote on the front of them “Cruise” “Nails” “pet food”. I plan to stash CASH in them when I get paid this week, and not touch it until i NEED to. Since my savings account is linked to checking, it just doesn’t work out as far as saving goes.
  • Regular and Pink Kool-Aid-Lemonade

mmmmkay thats enough for now i’m sucked into watching teen mom! LOL


2 responses to “Tuesday Mash Up

  1. leendadll says:

    at least you know about vehicle fuses!!! (but what does that take… a minute?… asks the woman who put off cleaning up cat barf for about 2 months because no one but her could see it)

    I’ve been in my house for 9.5 years and there are still bags/boxes in the garage that I haven’t unpacked.

    being single, and being cool with it, is TEH AWESUM!! so much less drama!!

    • lol i had to pull the fuse or risk a dead battery in the AM no bueno there!

      if i dont find cat barf, the dog that works LOL, i just yelled at her for eating out of the litter box too argh grosssssss.

      i love the drama-free single life… and having booty calls when i choose works for me!

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