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Friday Bullets

on October 15, 2010
  • Sleeping in only lasted til about 8:30 today since the roofers showed up…so Ellie started barking at them and tripping.
  • I passed out around 10:30 last night thanks to the Malibu. YUM.
  • Ellie has eaten about 4 pairs of underwear this week. Dunno what her deal is, she must be mad at me.
  • Today I will go to either Old Navy, or Target and buy some new underwear.
  • Then I’ll clean the living room/bunnies/litter box
  • Send out some bills
  • Go to the post office to try and find my package w/o throwing a temper tantrum (maybe)
  • Going to meet up with Original Josh tonight, so I’ll miss Blue Bloods.. but the DVR should record it, which i’ll double check before I leave. Tanya and Ron may be coming as well.. we’ll see.
  • Hmmm i could use a hair trim.. maybe I’ll get a wash and cut done while I’m out running around today..

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