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I was productive

on October 16, 2010

Yesterday’s to-do List

  • Today I will go to either Old Navy, or Target and buy some new underwear.
    Done, went to Old Navy spent $7 on 6 pairs, went to Macy’s spent $9 on 3 pairs, hey I spent less than $20 thats all that matters
  • Then I’ll clean the living room/bunnies/litter box
    Today, I cleaned the bunnies and vacuumed the living room. yesterday i did the litter box.
  • Send out some bills
    Done, dropped them in the outgoing mail box.
  • Go to the post office to try and find my package w/o throwing a temper tantrum (maybe)
    Was successful at both
  • Going to meet up with Original Josh tonight, so I’ll miss Blue Bloods.. but the DVR should record it, which i’ll double check before I leave. Tanya and Ron may be coming as well.. we’ll see.
    Done.. Tanya came – at least she left the house for once, and I watched Blue Bloods today
  • Hmmm i could use a hair trim.. maybe I’ll get a wash and cut done while I’m out running around today..
    Yuuuuup did it, lookin good!

Tanya is on her way over to pick up some boxes, If i was motivated i’d empty out a few more but.. i’m not.. there’s enough for her.

Seems the roofers are finally done this afternoon with my part of the building, my throbbing head thanks them.

Supposed to go to Thornton for Stephy’s bday party tonight, long drive, but I should at least make an appearance and show up to bingo late.

I cannot get full today, had cinnamon toast crunch for breakfast, and then a ham sandwich for lunch.. i’m still hungry.

The Holiday, Dirty Dancing, Where the Heart is, and Shrek have all been on TV today, and I have watched them all, at least parts of them all.

Went to Tyler’s today so he could check out my car, he couldnt find anything loose in the door that would be causing the lights to stay on, took the whole panel off and everything. Put it back together and tightened some bolts around the door latch, when I left and got back home the light was still off so hopefully it stays that way. I think it just needed a little tightening, i mean the car IS 13 years old… so really its just being a rebellious teenager right now!

I better get off my butt and do something ….


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