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What else can I do to procrastinate?

on October 18, 2010

Lets update the blog that’ll work!

The car door thing didnt work, had to pull the fuse again.. Tyler says ill have to buy a new door latch/switch/whateverthingymajigger its called…

Gotta go to the “work meeting” tomorrow, instead of getting my thoughts in order… im doing this.. and watching tv.. and watching Snatch clean his paws… very exciting stuff.

Jess will be going with me as “my witness/representative” or whatever. I told her she should prepare a speech about how fricken awesome I am… she laughed \=

Work was helllllla busy today since we were closed Friday. we some how left ON time though not sure how that worked out, other offices weren’t as lucky i heard..

I love the Old Navy commercial “leaf blowing day!!” that guy is hoootttttt

Watched the Season Finale of MADMEN tonight o M g  i loved it!!! i wish that wasnt the end of this season!! im so anxious for the next one already! Dancing with the Stars was entertaining as well…

Don’t you hate when you forget about your drink and most of the ice has melted and its all watered down? blech.

Had coupons to use today… and bought 3 boxes of Cocoa Puffs… and 3 boxes of Pop Tarts – blueberry muffin flavor..

I feel like it should be Friday already, today was quite enough for me.

It’s hard to focus when Jordan Knight keeps updating his twitter this late at night and all the updates get sent to my phone… disstractionnnn!!! I also heard that Justin Timberlake is supposed to be on Jimmy Fallon tonight? Can I stay up that late? sure.. SHOULD I? probably not…

Trying to figure out why the rabbits water bottle keeps leaking, i think that Amylase just is so rough on the spout that it has no choice but to leak. She’s such monster. Chester is so much easier on it. I’ve been woken up by her banging the water bottle against the cage…

All day yesterday I had a muscle twitch/spasm in my left butt cheek… all. freakin. day. When I woke up this morning it was finally gone. I wonder what that was all about eh? The roofers are finally done here… yet ive still got a reoccurring headache…mostly behind my eyes.. I think its stress? Lack of water? Been drinking too much soda/kool-aid lately..

Ok enough randomness i’m tired now… nighty night.


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