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Winner Winner!

on October 24, 2010

So i just spent my last $12 on this mini-book from my favorite artist, Kurt Halsey. With all pre-orders he’s including a hand written post-it. You may think what’s so big about a post-it? Post it’s are a huge part of his art work and when he has exhibits, they fly off the walls.. Anyways, I’m totally stoked for it, and it looks like he’s going to be putting out some more mini books.

3 hours till football kick off, Broncos vs Raiders. I hope we kick their butts!! Glad the Giants are going to the World Series they deserve it. I bet my grandma is ecstatic.

It seemed like I got a lot done yesterday, did dishes and put a lot of laundry away, had to wash my quilt since some feline barfed on it.. I need to clean the bunnies today and make my bed again…

Bingo was AWESOME last night. Corrine won the first game woohoo.. Josh won the 3rd game yipppeee. and then his friend Pete, well, he won the JACKPOT!!!  $225 !!!!!! Thats the first time anyone of our group has won the jackpot. So he ended up paying our tab which only came to $35 after our prize winnings and coupons… It musta been his lucky night, cuz earlier he was downtown with his gf, and he’d lost a $100 bill. So luck was on his side to win.

I’m starving I need to find something to eat and get my butt in gear. GO BRONCOS!!!


One response to “Winner Winner!

  1. Freedom Smith says:

    Wow, sounds like a lot of fun and winnings at Bingo!! I know that was fun.

    That is interesting about the post-it notes in the minibooks! Cool that he put’s one in the books. What a keepsake.

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