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No witty title tonight

on October 26, 2010

Currently watching the Boston/Miami game hoping to catch a glimpse of the Brothers Wahlberg… I know both Donnie and Mark are there in their usual seats.. but the cameras are behind them so all I can see is the back of their heads.. now I appreciate any part of Donnie, but I’d love to see his smiling face rather than the back of his head.

He's Gorgeous Right?

All of the fans have been waiting for his 25,000th tweet today.. and have made #whilewaitingforDonnie a trending topic.. ohhh the power of the BlockHead Nation..

It’s only Tuesday huh? How much does that suck… these days/weeks have been going by so slowly… it’s a payday this week even though I wont really “get” any of my check seeing as how I have to pay rent, AND a cruise payment, combined I don’t have enough.. will need a loan from the Credit Union.. and possibly the bank of MOM.

I really need a 2nd job and I wish Macy’s would open up some interview times already. I need the extra money so I can unfreeze my 24hour Gym membership and get my ass back there to get Cruise Ready. Only 6 months left!!!!  So I need $$ to be Cruise Ready and a slammin new figure to be Cruise Ready.

Southwest is having some really good deals on tickets right now and they’re finally booking through May, however I can’t purchase anything yet!

Speaking of jobs, I’ve applied for some positions that are outside “The City” seeing how I’m not getting ANYWHERE with them… we’ll see if anything comes of it. An interview would at least be nice.

It’s very chilly here and i wish the HOA would turn the heat on already. It’s saving me money electricity bill wise and all..but still!! Its not quite cold enough to use the fireplace yet.. So blankets and layers it is.

Soon as the game’s over Ill be watching my DWTS results show.. i wonder who it’ll be tonight, Last night I phoned in my votes for Jennifer Grey, Audrina Patridge, and Bristol Palin. They all did really well but the judges were a little rough on JGrey…

I think some cookie’s n cream is callin my name from the freezer…


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