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Why do I bother?

on October 27, 2010

Dating is lame.
Trying to find someone online lately to date is lamer.

I got this email today:

Douchebag: What do you do for fun? We should make plans to have a drink sometime and laugh a lot.

Me: Really? That’s in like, the first three sentences of my profile…

DB: Take it easy. I am interested and attracted to you. I
certainly have not included everything I am interested
in on my profile. It was a conversation starter to ask
you that so give me a chance to get to know something
you have not put on your profile.

So my last response was:
i understand that but you maybe could have elaborated on something i’d already said.. rather than asking something that was already answered.. a more specific question really…

2 sentence profiles (which his was) dont really say much… so i put a lot of effort into “putting it all out there”.

Further proof, this is what my profile says:

My profile is informative, it may be long.. but just about every question you’ll have is answered here… so please read it all… and if/when you decide to message me, make it more than “hey how’s it going”.

I like having a good, fun time with awesome people.

Going to the Zoo or the Museum.
Watching movies at home or the theater.
Going out to bar, playing bingo at TGI Fridays.
Going to concerts when I have the money for outrageous ticket prices.

I’m perfectly content watching the game at happy hour,
or even better, being at a game cheering on my team!

I mean, thats the VERY beginning.. so if he had even taken a minute to READ anything he could have written a better message to me that maybe wouldn’t have annoyed me and maybe piqued my interest…

Ron says “just go with the flow, give him a chance” … I said, “i’m anti-flow, he should not have been an idiot and read my profile”.

/end rant.


DB’s last response:

Well I would like to put some effort to get to know you and make plans. 720.123-4567 What is your number? We should talk and make plans.


10 responses to “Why do I bother?

  1. crankypants says:

    If he didn’t read your profile then how can he be interested in you? I mean, besides you being cute…the attraction covers that, but “interested” SHOULD mean that he read what you wrote and is…interested.

    I kind of think you’ve been out there long enough that your BS detectors are pretty fine-tuned. and for him to tell you to ‘take it easy’–another flag. In my opinion. (which is not worth much since I don’t date at all, but that’s also part of the reason why, too many DBs and too little patience.)

    • right!!!! glad someone else see’s it the same way!

      maybe he’s one of those “scan’s as he reads” meaning he just see’s certain words or phrases.. but doesnt really ABSORB anything he just read…

      Yeah the take it easy was a “button” for me as well.. i’m a “passionate” person when I know im right, ill fight to the death and well.. i’m always right hahaha!

  2. Kzinti says:

    Maybe you should put the disclaimer in there that anyone idiot enough to not read the disclaimer will be stalked by you in a wedding dress, running mascara at their place of work, residence and place of worship, compelte with shreiked, “How could you do this to me?” and “I thought we meant something to each other”. The amount of stalkedness it directly proportional to your douchiness.

    Or you could handle these things like dating critiques. Get out the red pencil, print it out, mark up what he did wrong like your teacher did. Then scan it back in and email it back to him. Sorry, D-, try harder next time. If women handled things in this fashion, there’d be no confusion. If you started Sara’s List for date referrals like Angie’s List is for contractors, just think of the good you’d be doing.

    • the rest of my profile is just as detailed

      ive tried the responding and telling them what they did was wrong, but they tend to not like the criticism.. constructive as it may be… it just means they have “no game”.

  3. lauowolf says:

    Why should you bother to meet with him?
    He’s already ignoring everything you say perfectly well in the virtual world.

  4. crankypants says:

    And the best thing will probably really chap his ass if you don’t reply because that means YOU WON. heh. Guys like that just get overly sensitive when they get called out on shit, and then they try to overcompensate in whatever way to try to come out on top. Like, he knows you are not interested now, and maybe he isn’t anymore either, but he has to continue to try to get a date because otherwise he goes away with his tail between his legs for being a douche.

  5. Cloudy J says:

    I just don’t reply to messages where it’s clearly obvious that they haven’t taken the time to read my profile. I mean, if they didn’t, why are they bothering me? I don’t want to date someone just because they think my profile pictures look cute.

    • as much as we all like to know that someone thinks we’re cute outwardly.. its still personality and brains that counts more! for me at least.. looks attract the rest keeps…

      yeah i usually dont respond either, but i just had to give a “duh” response right back to him.

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