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Thrilling Thursday… kinda

on October 28, 2010

This is hour number 4 or 5 of my headache, when I got home I was finally able to take some Motrin so I’m hoping it will subside soon.

Checked the mail today and received my 2xTGIFRiday’s $25 gift cards!! woohoo!! Also a Halloween card from grandma with $20 in it, since I was unable to attend the “october birthday dinner” (my uncle and step dad).

The potluck I organized at work went really well and was very yummy, I ate too much as always and I didnt even have to clean up anything. The woman who it was for was very surprised and appreciative. I liked that (=

Donnie Wahlberg was a guest on Jimmy Fallon last night, I stayed up to watch it of course.

They also had a segment “If Puppies Could Vote”. I highly suggest you watch it and awwwwwwwwwwe at the voting puppies. Gary Frick is my fave.

Finally remembered to pick up my free 8×10 collage from Walgreens on my way home and also got an eyeglass “repair kit” because I needed the tiny screw driver part to attach the hook thingy to the back of a frame.. now I gotta remember where the hook thingy is… in a box… somewhere …

Planning on wearing PJ’s to work tomorrow for halloween. . . aand i dont know which i’m going to wear… i dont really have many.. cuz i dont really use them much LOL.

Oh yeah!! My work crush came in today and he just totally brightens my day LOL.  I was explaining to him that we were having a potluck etc etc and I mentioned how I made my awesome cookies, and I said there might be some left if you want one? They’re really good.. so he was all ooooooookay well just twist my arm about it! So I went and got him 2 cookies… and he was like, OMG these are so good.. and soft. they dont get stuck in your teeth like regular cookies (weird for someone to say, but ill take it as a compliment) and then the next # I called was HIS ! hah! so i got to continue our conversation, we talked about how to obtain a death certificate.. and the Bronco’s horrible game last week.. told him that I went to the season opener with Jess and it was so much fun.. and how a friend of mine is in London and loves the Broncos and hopefully she gets to go see them play the 49’ers this week. It was a nice convo… ::le sigh:: he’ll be back tomorrow he says he has some more cars to register.. so on second thought I better find some really cute PJ’S to wear to work…

Read today that next season will be the last for Big Love.. that BLOWS.. I love that show. I need to watch the last season… hopefully netflix will have it out soon.

Back to TV watching now!


2 responses to “Thrilling Thursday… kinda

  1. Kzinti says:

    Oooh, Big Love. Definite yes. No kidding? I think the last bit of it have gotten away from the family and focused more on political issues of multi-marriage. Including the political rallies and the sub-theme of persecution. But hey, that’s just me.

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