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Ready for halloweeeeeeen

on October 30, 2010

This is the warmest Halloween I think Denver has ever seen.. at least in the time that I’ve been here.. 68 degrees today, lil windy but I hope that’ll go away by tonight…

Ellie and I will be going over to Jess’ to go T/Ting…

Then I’m going to Bingo of course, being dressed in costume earns you a free appetizer woohooo! Plus I have my gift cards to use so I dont have to worry about money..

Ellie got a bath this morning cuz she was hella stinky.. then I took her with me on the way to my nail appt so she could air dry…

Check out my nails, super cute! Pink sparkly tips instead of basic white..

Sparkly Pink

After that went to Target and finally found the Maybelline “Falsies” mascara I’ve been looking for. . . Stopped by the halloween store in search of some black Hair Spray stuff, but there was a check out line with about 75 people in it, I knew I did not have enough patience to stand there for who knows how long so I turned around and walked out.

Drove down the streeto to Walmart, found the can for $1.99 cheaper, checked out and was on my way. Never thought i’d say I was thankful for walmart but today I was LOL.

I had a coupon for a free lip item from Bath and Body works so of course I had to go use that, which required a purchase, so I bought a new Hand Sanitizer PocketBac and holder for $2, and got a free Lemon and Pomegranate lip gloss… and $8 savings woohooo.

On the way home forgot that I needed electrical tape so I stopped by the grocery store and got that. A week or so ago the cats knocked my laptop off the coffee table and broke a plastic piece on the AC adpater where it plugs in to the ‘puter. Today I woke up and the laptop was on the floor again. Dunno who did it this time but Ive had enough of them breaking my shit!!! Anyways so I MacGuyver’d the adapter and it holds for now… Went on ebay and found a replacement for $10.25 with free shipping..should have it by the end of the week…

So anyways, I’m going to be Snookie tonight for halloween hence the black hair spray, I also remembered I have a new set of fake eyelashes.. I’m gonna wear my jean capris, my silver sequin heels… and I’m not sure which top yet.. I also have too dark for me orangey foundation to use and Ill do my eye makeup jersey style with the signature poof of course. Good thing I just found my large bumpit the other day!

I should shower soon, and take out the garbage it’s stiiiiiinky… gotta be to Jess’ by 6 with pumpkin dog..


Nevermind… apparently her neighborhood isn’t doing trick or treating tonight… who celebrates a holiday on a Sunday when ppl have work and school on Monday? oh well.

Josh says he’s not going to Bingo tonight.. i wanna go, but not by myself… My friend courtney invited me to a party.. now i just feel blah, i really wanted to dress up..


4 responses to “Ready for halloweeeeeeen

  1. Freedom Smith says:

    So you did not get to dress up? But I am dying to see you in that outfit. I know you are disappointed!! Your nails look lovely. I hope you end up getting to do something fun! We actually are celebrating Halloween tomorrow night. Since it almost always falls on a school night anyway, the folks up here just leave it where it falls. The kids won’t be out too late though.

  2. leendadll says:

    trick or treating is actually a legally mandated thing… like only setting off fireworks on the 4th.

    please post a review of the falsies mascara. another blog i read HATED it (but still uses it) so I’m seeking a 2nd opinion.

  3. Kzinti says:

    What? You didn’t go out? I’m shocked. Go play dress up1 You have the too-cute nails, now go get them lashes on and have a good time. You’ll appreciate it in the morning.

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